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How to Begin Using Retinoids

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Let's talk about how to get started with retinol.

It's a question I often get asked, and I know you may be afraid to try it because you may have heard about how irritating it can be for your skin.

We need to get past that, so let's talk about how to start using retinol/retinoids.

In this blog post, you'll learn the retinol rules, the best way to begin using retinol, and best practices for sensitive skins.

To learn more about the amazing skin benefits of retinol, check our skincare videos on Instagram (look under the Video tab > Self Care) or here on the Simple Beauty Blog.


Retinol Rules

  1. Best to use your retinol at night in your PM treatment.
  2. Make sure you are wearing a good sunscreen every day, whether or not you used retinol the night prior.
  3. Choose a retinol that is combined with hyaluronic acid.
    TIP:  I highly recommend Behave 1% Retinol Moisture Creme. It has  hyaluronic acid for intense hydration, making this product very gentle on the skin.
  4. Begin to use retinol slowly and methodically. Work your acne treatment (if you use them) into the program slowly as well.


The Best Way to Begin Using Retinol

You may experience irritation when you start using retinol. That's normal. That's why you need to prepare your skin.

The more sensitive your skin is, the more slowly you'd want to introduce retinol into your skincare routine.

When starting to use Behave 1% Retinol Moisture Creme, for example, you may start by using it every other day for the first week or two, and then see how that feels. You may switch to using it everyday right away if you don't see any dryness, dry patches, redness, or irritation on your skin.

Best Practices for Sensitive Skins

If you have sensitive skin, remember to start slowly. Begin with applying it directly on your skin dry. Ultimately, you may want to apply it to your skin as it's a little bit damp, right after you've applied your serum. That would give you the best absorption.

Apply after your moisturizer and ultimately, you may apply it before you add in any more moisturizer if you need it.

TIP: I use Whipped Olive Oil Creme right afterwards because I have drier skin.

All of these techniques helps water down the potency of retinoids, and that can really be helpful for sensitive skin or when you're just getting started with using retinols.

You want what your skin can best tolerate.

Your ultimate goal is nightly usage on damp skin underneath your moisturizer.

It's totally safe to use retinoids around your eye area. This area can benefit the collagen-boosting effect of retinols! Experiment using once or twice a week or every other day. Just pat it on the bone around your eye area. You can use it on top or underneath your eye cream.


If you're using prescription retinol such as tretinoin, you can actually put a dollop on your hand, mix it with your Olive Oil Creme and apply that directly to your face, neck, chest, and hands. 




How to Begin Using Retinoids



How to begin using retinoids


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