I Love Me Some Olive - Eyeshadow Tutorial (with Video)

October 23, 2018 3 min read

love me some olive clean green eyeshadow

Time for an Olive Green Eyeshadow Tutorial; One of our most versatile (and beautiful!) mineral eyeshadows outside of our beloved neutrals, Olive Mineral Eye Shadow, most definitely deserves it’s own moment in the spotlight!

Adding in a colorful eyeshadow to your standard lineup can seem intimidating.

It can be hard to know what to pair it with, how to wear it, or if it will complement your everyday look… 

Olive Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

Transition Color. All-By-Itself Color.

One of the reasons we love Olive so much is that it is an easy transition color between neutral and bold shades– although it is (gorgeously) green, it is an easily wearable and muted green that will blend in beautifully in a neutral look.

It can be played down oremphasized depending on your mood and what you’re going for.

It’s even beautiful worn all by itself and swept across the lid for an effortless, chic, and easy touch!

For today’s post, I wanted to go with a look that would introduce Olive alongside a couple of complementary neutrals while still highlighting it in all of its shimmery, colorful glory! 

I kept it pretty simple with just three eyeshadows total, although you could add in a highlight or make it even simpler by just using two! All up to you.

 Golden Glam, Velvet, Olive Mineral Eyeshadows | Simple Beauty Minerals

Left to right - Golden Glam, Velvet, Olive Mineral Eyeshadows

I chose Golden Glam, Velvet (one of our new matte neutrals!), and Olive Mineral Eye Shadows for this look– along with my trusty Eye Shading Brush, Crease Eye Shadow Brush, and Fluffy Eye Shading Brush!

Olive Eyeshadow Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals

To begin, I applied Velvet as my transition color along my crease using my Fluffy Eye Shading Brush and blended it up and out so it was soft and diffused with no harsh edges or lines.

Then I went in for round one with Olive, on my Crease Brush, and applied it right in the outer corner of my eye/crease.

For this bit, I did not blend too much as I wanted it to stay put and would be going back to blend it all out later.

Next, I applied Golden Glam to my lid using my Eye Shading Brush.

I did not blend this out yet either– but instead wet my brush and used the foiling method to go over the inner third of my lid again with Golden Glam.

This helped Golden Glam to stay put and not lose intensity in the next step during all my blending!  

For the second time, I went in with Olive using my crease brush again to clean up the line between Olive and Golden Glam, and then I used my Fluffy Eye Shading Brush to carefully blend out all of the harsh lines left and create a really beautiful gradient effect over each section of my lid.

Don't Blend Yet.

Don’t blend the whole thing together, just simply work in small sections until you achieve your desired effect!

Last but not least, I added a little more Olive over top one more time to make sure this gorgeous color was truly the center of attention &  it’s time to shine!

Olive Eyeshadow Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals

I left one side of my look with just a little mascara on my top and bottom lashes, and then used Soft Black Mineral Eye Liner on the other side to create a cat eye to show you two ways I would wear this look!

Day To Night

You could also easily transition this from a daytime look into a fancier and bolder nighttime look by simply adding some winged liner and an extra coat of mascara.

As you can see it looked pretty both ways, so whichever way you decide to rock Olive Mineral Shadow (or another way altogether!) it’s totally up to you– but sure to be fabulous! 

Olive Eyeshadow Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals


OLIVE MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com GOLDEN GLAM MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com VELVET MINERAL EYESHADOW | simplebeautyminerals.com SOFT BLACK MINERAL LINER | simplebeautyminerals.com
EYESHADING BRUSH  |  simplebeautyminerals.com CREASE & SMUDGE BRUSH | simplebeautyminerals.com FLUFFY EYE SHADING BRUSH | simplebeautyminerals.com



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