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Lip Gloss Tips for All Ages

Lip Gloss Tips for All Ages

Lip Gloss Tips for All Ages | Simple Beauty Minerals

Think lip gloss is just for teenagers?

Think again. While sheer, shiny gloss is certainly a classic choice for younger faces, lip gloss is a versatile thing. Whether you're 20, 30, 50 or more, there are plenty of reasons to make lip gloss a staple in your makeup bag.


Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Hurry-up pretty-up: Because it's so sheer, lip gloss doesn't require the careful application that lipstick does. When you're in a hurry, do the grab-n-dab: just grab a gloss and dab a bit on your lower lip. Swivel your lips together and you're good to go! Use a shade close to your natural lip color and no one will notice if you're a tiny bit off the mark.

  • Lively layers: Layering a little gloss over a neutral or understated lipstick can lend a little extra pizazz to your lips. For a sophisticated look, go light with the gloss, or just highlight the full points of your lips. Play around with different color pairings for some unique shades. (Don't pair gloss with really bright lipstick, though, unless you like a theatrical look.)

  • Let it shine: Prime your lips with a layer of mineral concealer before applying gloss. The opaque concealer underneath will really help your gloss color pop!

  • Make it last: For longer lasting lip gloss, fill in your entire lip shape with lip liner. Apply a coordinating gloss over it.

Do you have a favorite Lip Gloss Tip? Do tell, and I'll be sure to share it with the girls!

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