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NEW Matte Nude Eyeshadows (with Video)

NEW Matte Nude Eyeshadows (with Video)

You have a thing for matte nude eyeshadows? You are not alone!

So, I have this thing for nude eyeshadows. Maybe you can relate. Every time I see a new, gorgeous, neutral (maybe it’s brown, maybe it’s taupe, maybe it’s even a little rusty or has a hint of purple or dark red wine to it– doesn’t matter!) “nude” toned shadow, I pretty much have to have it. And if it’s a matte neutral eyeshadow? Forget about it, there’s no turning back now! (Ha!) Why do we love these pretty little neutral shadows so?


Benefits of Matte Nudes

Apart from being completely gorgeous (come on, who could say no to those velvety-matte-neutral pretties?!) they always pull their own weight– and then some– when it comes to the sheer amount of times you find yourself reaching for them day in and day out. They go with just about everything. Every look, every mood, every outfit. They’re easy to wear, and easy to apply. They look amazing even all on their own– no crease color or complicated multi-part eyeshadow look necessary to compliment their easy, effortless, chic-ness. There’s a reason everyone loves a good neutral eyeshadow (or four!).

Matte Nude Eyeshadows | Simple Beauty Minerals

 So… all that said, you can understand just how excited I am to tell you about these new matte neutrals we are adding to the Simple Beauty Minerals lineup! They are seriously gorgeous, and truly do justice to the matte neutral eye looks of your dreams. In fact, we all loved them so much here at Simple Beauty Minerals that we all ended up wearing them in the our photo shoot last month! 

Simple Beauty Minerals | Port and Hot Cocoa on her lids (with Bliss as her highlight)

 Abby wearing Port and Hot Cocoa on her lids (with Bliss as her highlight) in this fun, high-contrast look that compliments her high-contrast natural coloring;

Simple Beauty Minerals - Matte Nude Eyeshadows - Port and Velvet

 Here, Kasey wears Port and Velvet in a softer, glowy, romantic style that matches perfectly with the soft golden hour light in the photo!

As you can see, they truly do complement so many different looks and skin tones– Lisa, Taru, Kasey, and I all wore Port as one of the eyeshadow colors in our different looks and it turned out so beautifully in each different look on each of our very different colorings. I mean, it’s basically the eyeshadow version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (but even more versatile than a pair of jeans, at that!)


Simple Beauty Minerals - Port - Matte Nude Eyeshadows

 Taru wears Port as her crease color in this look which adds the perfect amount of sophistication with just a dash of drama to the beautiful purple medley

Simple Beauty Minerals - Bliss and Port Matte Nude Eyeshadows

Lisa wears both Bliss and Port together in this elegant, dreamy mélange of soft pinks and purples– complemented (of curse!) by those beautiful long lashes!


Like Buttah

Something else I know you are going to absolutely love about these new matte eyeshadows? I didn’t fully realize this until I was swatching them on my arm for the photos, but they are incredibly smooth, like velvet– except even softer. As I was using my finger to smudge them across my forearm I was really surprised by just how soft and silky they felt! It’s no wonder that they feel so soft and light during actual makeup application when they start out so soft right out of the jar! We can’t wait for you to try these new matte eyeshadows and fall in love with their gorgeous neutral shades as much as we have here at Simple Beauty Minerals!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Matte Nude Eyeshadows


I added in Glitz (far left) so you can see the difference between a subtly shimmery eye shadow and these total matte neutrals! From top of wrist: Port, Sable, Suede and Velvet.

Want some more neutral eyeshadow inspiration? Check out this Hot Cocoa inspired chocolate-y brown neutral eye look featuring two of our most popular dark neutral shadows! Or, hop over to this post on how to do the perfect, wearable neutral eye– with a twist!


A Video Tutorial for Mature Eyes


Simple Beauty Minerals - Matte Nude Eyeshadows

 Top to Bottom: Port (cut off from top of photo, see it peeking? SableSuede, Velvet, Charmer, Honesty 



Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks HERE.

Lisa's Notes: There are actually SIX NEW shades of matte nude eyeshadows - Sorry Abby! Somehow the last two did not end up in your stash! (See the last two warm shades on the bottom).


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