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The Mist Method

The Mist Method

Mineral Makeup Wet Application Method

You love the idea of mineral makeup, but you are concerned with it accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. You want a dewey look to your complexion. You don't love the mess the loose powder makes on your counter, or the fall out on your clothes as you apply it. Sound familiar? Then listen up. The wet application is a dream come true. You receive all the benefits of mineral makeup and none of the drawbacks. Here's how it goes down.


Easy Steps to Flawless, Radiant Skin


Prepare your skin by cleansing, toning, applying your serum and moisturizing. You do not need to let your moisturizer sink in all the way. In fact, it will help give you the glow you are looking for, as well as to help the minerals adhere to your skin.


Tap & Squirt

Tap your minerals into the lid of the jar, or a glass or ceramic plate. Use a fine mist sprayer filled with *distilled water, setting spray  or Crisp Cucumber Toner  and lightly spray your Kabuki, Flat Top Buffer Brush bristles or makeup sponge. Do not drench your brush. You only want it damp. Two or three squirts should do. Hold your spray 8 inches away. Before picking up the minerals with your brush, lightly sweep it across the palm of your hand to evenly coat the brush with moisture.


Dip & Buff

Now, dip into your mineral powder. The minerals will grab onto the brush/sponge. Don't worry if it looks like there is too much on the brush; they will glide gorgeously over your skin, and will not cake. In fact, our minerals can not cake. If every you feel you have too much on, simply brush/sponge some off. Easy! Apply your minerals to your skin in a sweeping downward motion, as opposed to the swirl method of the dry application. Repeat, until you get the desired finish. Want more coverage? Use more liquid (spray more). Want less coverage? Use less liquid (spray less). Be sure to wash your brushes more often, once a week or so, if using this method, as water does harbor bacteria.


That's it!! Practice. Play. Experiment. Share your success; and your challenges. I'm here to help.

This method can be used for both foundation and finish powders. *Best not to use tap water as it can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. Want to try the wet method for eye shadows and liner? Look here for the how to.

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