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Traveling With Mineral Makeup

Traveling With Mineral Makeup

Ah yes, we love our mineral makeup.

Our skin glows when we wear it. Our acne heals up some. It stays on virtually all day. 

But what happens when you toss your loose powder blush in your makeup bag inside your purse and go off on a dinner date with you sweetie? In a recent post, I shared ideas on how to carry your mineral makeup in your makeup bag without finding a huge mess when you open it up. I also briefly touched on mess-proof traveling with mineral makeup. Let's go more into traveling with mineral makeup here.  


Traveling Tip

Keep a travel makeup bag at-the-ready. I actually have a ready to go travel bag of makeup, that is specifically for...well, traveling. I keep it all together, with  my suitcases, ready to grab when my next fun adventure strikes. I refill my empties when I return home, keeping the bag ready at all times. Inside my travel makeup bag I have mini-refillable sizes of:
  • foundation
  • concealer
  • blush
  • bronzer
  • finish powder
  • eye shadows
  • travel size brushes
  • brow makeup
  • eye pencils
  • skincare
Maybe that would work for you?


As for the mess..I sort of head it off at the pass, so to speak. I take the sifters lids off. I do. What can I say? I'm such a daredevil.


Alternatively, you could place a piece of tape on the sifter to cover the holes. Then, using a pin, poke two or maybe three holes. Now, take a cotton ball and put it on top of the sifter, and place the cap back on. The cotton ball will catch any excess powder that creeps up, though it will be much less, with the fewer holes now. Toss your powders in your bag and go!



One last mess-proof tip for you when you travel. Use a towel.

Lay a towel, or tissue if traveling, on the counter. Carefully open the jar. I typically dip my brush into the jar, tap, tap, tap off any extra powder, and then apply. Any mess falls on the tissue/towel.


Would that work for you?



In fact, have you seen this? A (vegan) mineral makeup travel brush set! | Simple Beauty Minerals

A (vegan) mineral makeup travel brush set!


Do you have an idea to share with us for traveling with mineral makeup? We would love to hear them!