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Blurring Brush
Blurring Brush

Blurring Brush


Creates a soft focus; exactly where you want it - the perfect concealer blending brush.  

This brush blurs out any hard lines, creating an airbrushed effect.


Virtually shed-less, soft and silky, densely packed, non-absorbent. Easily cleaned.

100% synthetic, imitation vegan goat hair bristles in a spectacular shade of white!

Tested with liquids, creams and powders and all produced seamless results.

The wooden handles have a rich matte black finish that are accompanied by ultra-chic matte black brass ferrules.

The soft vegan bristles will pamper your skin.ᅠ

Perfect for vegans or anyone who opposes animal cruelty.

Look here for washing instructions.

-Use wet or dry.
-Apply any makeup, liquid or powder – under-eye concealer first and foremost, but also eye brow highlight cream, cupid bow highlight cream, nose highlight – the list goes on and on. (Don’t completely blend out …. just yet!)
-After application is in place, use circular motions with the brush. Watch as it softly and evenly blurs out any hard lines. This magical tool will create an airbrushed effect – absolutely NO hard lines, just a flawless and satin finish – no matter what you are blending.

-How to Care for Your Brushes: Simply wash bristles in mild liquid soap, rinse well, towel then air-dry, allowing extra time to dry. Do your best not to submerge handles.ᅠ

-100% Synthetic, Imitation Vegan Goat Hair Bristles
-overall length - 7 inches

I personally guarantee you will love your new and improved skin with and without makeup after using Simple Beauty Minerals and Simple Beauty Skin.

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