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70's Disco Makeup You can Wear Today

70's makeup you can wear today | simple beauty minerals

70's inspired retro makeup can be worn beautifully today.

You just need to make a few easy adjustments to the makeup look. 

I recently put my disco dancing shoes on and went to a 70’s inspired dance party, so I refreshed my 70’s makeup skills (that is the era I came of makeup age, after all) and pulled together a look we could still wear today.

You'll love this!

The Technique


Blush in the 70's was simple. Think about stripes along the cheeks.

I wore Sugar Plum.

lisa 70's makeup | simple beauty minerals


Eyeshadow was also simpler. Even disco makeup. It was basically a wash of one shimmery color. For disco, it was a vibrant shimmery - even a glitter. Eye makeup was really well blended in the 70s.

I wore Ice Wine.

A white shimmery highlight was placed under the brow. And in fact, this was the era that this under brow concept was born.

I wore Glitz.

I added the deeper color on the outer corner for depth. But this wasn't traditionally done in the 70s.

I wore Mystery

Brows were thinner and more curved in shape back then, remember that?

I wore Middle Earth

lisa and david at 1970's disco party | simple beauty minerals | disco makeup

It was popular to apply a heavy liner under the lash line. I wanted a brighter purple, so I dabbed on some Groovin' Grape.

And yes, false eyelashes. Go big!

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70's Disco Makeup You can Wear Today


  70's Disco Makeup You Can Wear Today



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