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All About Blush

All About Blush

All about blush - the versatility; the shade range; the clean ingredient list.

Loose mineral blush is one of the most versatile products you can have in your makeup bag. It can easily double as your eyeshadow for the day, or even your lip color– as well as your cheek color, of course!  And lucky you, because here at Simple Beauty Minerals we just so happen to carry just about every color of gorgeous, natural mineral blush that you can dream up! While we were brainstorming posts for this month, we came up with the idea for a post dedicated to all things blush… because, well, we are just downright passionate about our love for these mineral makeup beauties! I mean, just look at those swatches down there… ahhh!

Simple Beauty Minerals mineral cheek colors and blushes

 And those aren’t even all of our mineral cheek colors and blushes.

We Have a Bunch!

Believe me when I say we have a bunch. And over the years we have done a bunch of awesome posts highlighting some of our favorites as well as sharing many of our favorite tips and tricks with you on how to apply them and wear them in all different ways. But this post is a little different because it’s not just about one or two of them, it’s about a lot of them! 

Simple Beauty Minerals mineral cheek colors and blushes

Spice On Your Lips

For the photos in this post, I wore Spice Mineral Cheek Color on my lips all on its own to give me a trendy matte lip look, but you can easily use any blush (or eyeshadow… or bronzer… and so on!) your heart desires paired with a nourishing natural lip balm to give you endless easy lip color options like Lisa and Keely in this video

Simple Beauty Minerals Spice mineral cheek colors and blushes

Spice On Your Eyes

I also wore Spice on my eyes swept over my lids for an easy, effortlessly chic & natural wash of color. You can see in the photo below featuring Spice on my cheeks as well that this gave me a gorgeous, super simple, and natural makeup look that could easily be worn for work or weekend...

Simple Beauty Minerals - Sunset mineral cheek colors and blushes

 ...Or even an extra fancy trip to the farmer’s market, if that’s your style! I love how incredibly easy this look was, and yet how soft and pretty it turned out.

One Product!

You’d never know I only used one product on all three (eyes, cheeks, and lips– check!). This fabulous little trick works well to pull together a polished yet simple look with any blush of your choice!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Sweet Rose mineral cheek colors and blushes

Although I stuck with Spice on my lips and eyes in the rest of the photos below, I wanted to spotlight a few of the other cheek colors from the above swatch as well.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Russet mineral cheek colors and blushes

More on Adobe Blush

I did this post a while back featuring how I wore Adobe Mineral Blush using my 3-in-1 “Holy Trinity Hack” and gave you a bunch of in-depth photos showcasing this gorgeous, rich color (as well as an in-depth, foolproof walkthrough on how to wear your mineral cheek colors three ways!)


Simple Beauty Minerals - mineral cheek colors and blushes swatches

Swatches of Adobe Cheek Color at varying intensities

More About Dusk Blush

Another favorite blush spotlight I’ve done featuring one of my all time favorite shimmery, light, romantic colors (& perfect for getting ready for those warm Spring and Summer days right around the corner!) was this dreamy post all about the most beautiful Dusk Blush– the perfect easy & airy companion for long, easy Summer nights.

Dusk Blush + the Perfect Blush Brush  | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Dusk Blush + the Perfect Blush Brush = Best Combination Ever!

All About Highlighters

Although this doesn’t fall strictly into the category of blush, this is one of my favorites– I gave a step-by-step walkthrough of how to highlight (along with a super fun little face map I made on myself!) along with a gorgeous swatch comparison of our Special Effects Powders (highlighting powders– most of which double as blushes and bronzers or finishing powders as well!).


Special Effects Powders | Simple Beauty Minerals

Our Special Effects Powders in all their shimmering, fabulous glory!

This was definitely a post you should not miss–go on, click this link right on over there now!–, also because of the fact that it took me multiple off camera flashes and the better part of an hour to get the perfect shot to show off that gorgeous mineral highlight in the photo below (and yet, I’m not sure the camera can ever quite do it justice!). 

Sumptuous Blush & Sunset Blush | Simple Beauty Minerals

More About Sumptuous and Sunset Blush

Another blush favorite of mine was how I paired another couple of our favorite cheek colors, Sumptuous Blush & Sunset Blush, in this post on the perfect lip & cheek pairings! This was a really fun comparison to do because I did half of my face with each look at the same time, so you got to really see them side by side! 

All About Blush | Simple Beauty Minerals

Be Sure Your Skin is Blush Ready

And last but certainly not least for this week’s post of all things Blush-love, learn more about how to achieve a gorgeous, totally natural glow (plot twist–no blush needed!) in this post all about one of the newer member of our Simple Beauty lineup (& customer favorite!) Radiance Reveal!


All About Blush | Simple Beauty Minerals

Even kitties love our Perfect Blush Brush! ;)[/caption] I that’s not enough blush lovin’ for you, well… then I don’t know what is! But hey, you can always head over to our Cheek Colors section and browse through all of these gorgeous mineral blushes (and so much more!) to your heart’s content ;)

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks HERE

Note From Lisa: We have so many fabulous shades of blush; let us help you find your perfect shades for your many moods. 

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