Antioxidants For Skin - Guide to Resveratrol Serum (with Video)

October 23, 2018 3 min read

Antioxidants For Skin -

Oxidative Stress = Skin Aging

When it comes to untimely signs of wear and tear as your skin ages, oxidative stress is one of your biggest enemies. Because oxidation occurs throughout our everyday lives from so many simple, common sources (from our immune systems fighting off bacteria, sun exposure, our bodies detoxifying pollutants in the air we breath, and so much more!) it is easy for our bodies to experience excess oxidative stress when we aren’t balancing out the oxidation with antioxidants. 

Antioxidants For Skin - Guide to Resveratrol Serum | Simple Beauty Minerals


Minimize the Damage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, odds are you’ve probably heard about the importance of antioxidants– but you may not know the “why” behind it, or how important antioxidants are in your skincare routine (especially when it comes to pro-aging skin care!).


Free Radicals - Those Bad Boys

Getting enough antioxidants (both internally through dietand externally through proper skin care) is essential when it comes to fighting the free radical damage cause by oxidation both inside of our bodies and outside on our skin. Both are super important– however when it comes to skincare, things might feel a little more complicated. 

Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum | Simple Beauty Minerals


Keepin' It Simple

Luckily, here at Simple Beauty Minerals we like to make things… well,simple! And one very simple (yet incredibly beneficial) way to work the pro-aging power of antioxidants into your skincare routine is to simply add in a serum that has antioxidants that can quench your skins need for protection and free radical fighting power.


Featuring Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum

One of our favorite serums in the Simple Beauty Skin lineup that boasts an abundance of skin-loving antioxidants is our Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum.

Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum | Simple Beauty Minerals



The incredible ingredient list on this serum almost speaks for itself– first off, of course, being resveratrol. A powerful antioxidant in its own right, resveratrol is best known as the “longevity molecule” and possesses powerful antioxidant properties as a potent polyphenolic antioxidant (the same antioxidant compound found in red grapes, red wine, nuts, and fruits such as blueberries and cranberries). It is also high in Proanthocyanidins, a group of bioflavonoids superior to most because they are water soluble and more easily assimilated by the body.


Free Radical Scavenger

All in all, resveratrol is a hard-working free radical scavenger preventing unnecessary skin cell damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. Plus, Resveratrol can also inhibit tyrosinase and lighten hyperpigmentation that is common in sun-damaged skin (AKA those pesky dark spots)! 

Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum | Simple Beauty Minerals


Abundant in Antioxidants

Along with resveratrol, we included a high powered antioxidant fruit blend combined with pro-aging peptides and apple stem cells– in other words, an ingredients list that is truly filled with pro-aging skin care royalty! With regular use (remember, it can take 6 to 12 weeks for new and better-behaved skin cells to reach the surface) you will find this serum:
  • Supports skin’s natural antioxidant defenses – with a potent blend of fruit acids, resveratrol and peptides
  • Improves firmness and skin density – activates cell renewal to achieve firmness in the skin (the growth of epidermal cells thickens the epidermis)
  • Protects from environmental stressors –  powerful blend of antioxidant properties to help repair the visible effects of skin aging
  • Brightens your tired looking complexion
  • Is gentle, plant-based and an effective addition to your skincare regime

Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum | Simple Beauty Minerals


Best Practice

For best practice when in applying Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum, cleanse, tone and exfoliate– then apply your potent serum (such as this one or the Vitamin C Serum). Two to three pumps of Resveratrol Peptide Complex will cover your face, throat, and chest (wipe excess on the back of your hands so the skin there receives protection too).




(Bonus Tip!) Application Order Rule of Thumb: After cleansing and exfoliating, apply products from lightest, sheerest formulas to richest, creamiest formulas.



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Lisa's Notes: Funny story - When adding Resveratrol Serum to the video as a featured product, Facebook denied approval. Their reason? "because we don't allow the sale of adult items or services (ex: sexual enhancement items, adult videos).". Well now, that is a use for our serum I hadn't considered!! 

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