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Add Dermal Rolling Into Your Skincare Routine

mineral gel cleanser purple bottle with pink dermal roller

Are you Dermal Rolling yet?

It seems daunting, I know. However, once you have a full understanding, you'll find that it's one more beauty tool to easily add to your tool kit. 

Dermal Rolling is the DIY version of micro-needling.

Using this hand held device with rows upon rows of tiny needles can help you build collagen, and improve your skin’s firmness, skin tone and texture.

It can reduce scars, fine lines and minimize stretch marks.

Plus, your active skincare products can penetrate more deeply for enhanced results.

What Is Dermal Rolling 

Consistent Dermal Rolling will reap you huge rewards, and up level your skincare game.

It will assist your skin to create more collagen which leads to firmer, more resilient skin.

Your skins texture and tone will improve.

After Dermal Rolling is the perfect time to apply your Vitamin C Serum, Resveratrol Peptide Complex, Bright On Brightening Serum and Behave 1% Retinol Moisture Lotion, as they will be able to penetrate deeper and be more effective. 

Why You Want To Dermal Roll

why dermal rolling

More Details - Watch the video below

igtv dermal roll tutorial cover  

Be smart about Dermal Rolling.

Consistent Dermal Rolling will reap you huge rewards, and is worth your time investment. 

However, It is very important that you use a high quality roller, and be smart about HOW you roll, as you DO NOT want to use one that may contain toxic metals or have needles that are too fat and too dull causing harm instead of good.

My recommendation for your first Dermal Roller

dermal roller for better skin


I chose this Dermal Roller for several reasons.

    1. It's a 0.2 needle depth which is the perfect needle depth to begin with for at-home care. Over time, with consistent use, it will help your skin care actives work more effectively, thus creating the benefits they are designed for all that much better. 
    2. It's a high quality roller for the safety of your skin.

Consistent rolling with a shorter depth will have profound benefits over the long run. 

What to use with your Dermal Roller

resveratrol peptide complex serum


bright on brightening facial serum
Vitamin C Serum
behave retinol plant based lotion


💜 I did a full demonstration on exactly how to Dermal Roll in detail in our SBM Complimentary Customer Care Group - NOW is the perfect time to join. It’s all too easy to get incorrect instructions for this procedure, and you don’t want to harm your skin, you want to improve it.  (Replay available under the Advanced Protocol Series Guide)
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