'Enthralled By Beautiful Skin' - A Customer Testimonial

October 23, 2018 1 min read

'Enthralled By Beautiful Skin' - A Customer Testimonial

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your beautiful-skin story! 

Suzanne sent me a message by way of Facebook, sharing a story with me about the wonderful compliment she received about her skin. Congratulations for taking such good care of yourself, Suzanne!
Hi Lisa - weird story alert! A friend of mine teaches a series of essential oil classes via a local college in New York, by way of an adult learning program. After class I was waiting to speak with my friend to thank her for inviting me, and one of the women complimented me on my earrings and how well they matched my top. Her friend then said - "forget the earrings and top, she was...'enthralled by your beautiful skin.' " Awkward blush immediately altered said skin. They asked what I used for skincare and makeup, and I told them. Simple Beauty Minerals!! They hadn't heard of your products, so I told them a bit about them. They wanted to inspect my face more carefully, which felt very awkward, BUT they said they were sold and would be checking out your products right away.  Suzanne H.W.

Do you have a fun story, a wonderful testimonial about your experience with Simple Beauty Minerals and Simple Beauty Skin? Do share with us - Let us hear it!

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