Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser - Spotlight

October 23, 2018 3 min read

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser - Spotlight

Using the right cleanser is more important than you think.

The wrong cleanser can create a skin condition that you don't normally have—one that you'll constantly be trying to "fix" with your topical products. With this in mind, we continue our exploration of cleansers and toners, expanding our Facebook Live Skincare Bootcamp Series.


Spotlight On Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser

The Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser is a wonderful, gentle option that works wonders for most skin types and concerns. Sensitive skin? Combination? Oily? Normal to Dry? This fabulous foaming cleanser has got you covered! With its light, fresh (no fragrance added) scent this cleanser pairs perfectly with your morning skincare routine by waking you up with its natural, refreshingly citrusy essence. But of course you can use it any time of day, and it will leave you feeling fresh and clean each and every time while not overstripping your skin of its natural oils and feeling too harsh like many other cleansers on the market. 

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser | Simple Beauty Minerals

Love Variety?

I especially love using the Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser as my face wash when I shower because I personally prefer using a gel cleanser in a convenient squeeze top bottle rather than trying to deal with a bar cleanser when my hands are all wet and slippery. I can control the amount I in the shower, and save my other favorite cleanser  (Pink Mineral Complexion Bar!) for when I am washing my face at my bathroom sink! (Or maybe it’s just an excuse to have double the amount of cleansers in my skincare stash...hmm…) 

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser | Simple Beauty Minerals


Something else to adore about this cleanser? It doubles as a makeup remover. No need to worry about adding in another step simply to make sure you got all of the makeup off because the  Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser is super effective at taking care of all of your makeup removal needs. Just wash twice. Once to remove makeup. Once to cleanse your skin. Though while it is gentle enough to use around the eye area when you are washing your face, we recommend checking out the Green Tea Lotion Cleanser or the Crisp Cucumber Toner for more intensive eye makeup removal needs.

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser | Simple Beauty Minerals

Not Just a Cleanser - A Treatment

Filled with amazing healthy skin care ingredients like Aloe Vera,Spirulina platensisalgae, andSapindus Mukurossi(Soapberry!) the Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser does so much more than simply cleanse your skin. The Aloe works to actively heal and hydrate your skin by creating a protective shield that keeps moisture in and damaging environmental pollutants out, while the algae works to firm your skin. The Soapberry Extract works to not only cleanse (through its naturally occurring saponins) but also to reduce the appearance of age spots and sun damage by inhibiting melanin production in affected areas. Oh, and did we mention that these plant-derived natural saponinsALSOboost your immune system by fighting infections, protecting against viruses, and suppressing bacterial growth on skin? Pretty cool, right?!  All that in one little face wash– and it’s oh-so-easy to use. Simply squeeze out a small amount (about ½ a teaspoons worth) and apply it by gently massaging it into your (pre-moistened) face and or hands. Rinse off with water, and voíla– you’re done! 

Essential Mineral Foaming Gel Cleanser | Simple Beauty Minerals


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Lisa's Notes: I have lash extensions, and you can't use an oil based makeup remover or the lashes come off, so I use either Crisp Cucumber Toner or 3 in One Wash Away Cleanser to remove my eye makeup. Works beautifully!
















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