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Get A Second Opinion

Get A Second Opinion

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Do you use Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database to verify the safety of your cosmetics?

I dare say I may lose some of you with this post. However, I need to be truthful with you; So, I am coming out of the cosmetic closet. I know you are one of the scores of women who are concerned with the safety of the ingredients in your food, personal care products and general environment. You check the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database before you buy something; or, sometimes, after you buy something. You check the company in question ethics out as well. I know this, because I do the same. However, I am just not convinced we should be putting all our eggs into the EWG basket. For two reasons, as I see it.


Reason #1 

The folks at EWG would have us not wear makeup at all. (It seems, according to them, every single ingredient is suspect.)  Reality check. That's not going to happen! We will be more selective with our product choices. We will vote with our dollars by purchasing from safe and trusted partners. (I am hoping you feel that is Simple Beauty Minerals!)

And we WILL wear our makeup. Makeup (and skincare) helps us to feel pretty; it is fun. Sometimes even frivolous in a serious world. Grown up toys, if you will. However, also sometimes serious, you know, in our culture, the woman wearing a bit of well applied makeup, will get the job, all things being equal, over the one who did not take time to care for her appearance. You may not like it. But it is true.


Reason #2

I think EWG has gotten carried away.  What do I mean by that? Allow me to let Leslie of Crunchy Betty fame give it to you straight. Leslie says it so eloquently here, and I urge you to read it. Since, I can not say it any better (dang, she writes well), I will steer you to her post where she tells us why she does not 100% believe in EWG and their mission. And she is a true blue DIYer, if ever there was one. So. What's a makeup lovin girl to do?  Of course I have ideas ;-) I suggest we use EWG as a resource, but not as a stand alone. Definitely NOT, as Jennifer of It's Not Easy To Be Green (and I linked to a tasty sounding pudding recipe post, just for fun!) says, "as a bible". I also suggest you check another source. You know, get a second opinion. My recommendation?

The folks here are varied. Ranging from scientists to small indie cosmetic companies. I trust them. Give them a look-see. The funny thing is...I used to be really bothered by these folks. But now, I have the utmost respect for them. They spoke their truth. I suggest you use both resources. Then, use your instinct. Your gut. YOU decide. And vote with your purse. Don't let the government have more authority than you do. Phew. There. I have said it.

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