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Is Titanium Dioxide Safe?

Is Titanium Dioxide Safe?

Is Titanium Dioxide Safe?

updated 2017

Titanium Dioxide is not only in mineral makeup, but in so many different types of traditional and healthy beauty makeup, from lipstick to nail polish.

Is My Mineral Makeup Which Contains Non-Nano Sized Titanium Dioxide safe to use?

Yes! I believe it is! And so does the scientific community.  Unless you are working in an industrial mining facility. Then, you need to tak precautions inhaling the huge dust particle factor. That includes ANY kind of dust particles, not just titanium dioxide. I use it. If that helps at all. I want to say that, for better or for worse, I am not a scientist. I follow my intuition. And do tons of research. This may resonate with some of you. It may turn some of you off. However, I certainly don't want to be flip and take the issue lightly. So let's work it out a bit, and keep it real simple and easy. First, for a quick read up on what titanium dioxide is, click here.


Titanium dioxide concerns~

Here are the issues, as I see them, and the answers that I can give you to the best of my knowledge, or anyones at this point.
  • Causes free radical damage
  • Dust particles cause cancer

    Free Radical Damage?

    The Truth: Titanium dioxide is a natural sunscreen. It actually blocks and absorbs sun damage from occurring, which protects your skin from sun damage, as opposed to causing sun or free radical damage.


    A carcinogen?

    The Studies: Rats exposed to high concentrations of air-borne powdered titanium dioxide dust showed evidence that it caused lung cancer. Similar cancers were found in people working in dusty environments. (Not titanium dioxide, mind you, just general dust). Again, keep in mind, this is in reference to industrial environments, and LARGE quantities of dust. In fact, human studies do not even suggest an association between occupational exposure to titanium dioxide and cancer. In a study published in January 2017 in "Scientific Reports" in which rats were force-fed, food grade, nano sized Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) human-relavant portions, there was some evidence that it could be cancer forming.

    The Truth: Simple Beauty Minerals does not use nano sized particles in our mineral makeup. We are not using food grade TD TiO2 - But instead we use cosmetic grade TD 77891. There is a difference.  None of us are eating our mineral makeup, nor consuming larger than human size portions. Right? We are also not rats. And enough with the animal testing! If airborne particles does concern, yet you love the benefits of a loose mineral foundation our Wet Application Method may be just the thing for you. It will remove the fly-away factor. Feel safe with your jar of mineral makeup, and the bit of dust that emerges. I do.

    Daily application of a healthy brand of mineral makeup which includes titanium dioxide is safe. Read what Katherine has to say in  

    Does this help? Does it raise more questions? Feel free to ask them. I will do my best to help.  And finally, read what the cosmetic chemists behind Beauty Brains have to report about the safety of loose mineral makeup. Backed by proven science. Instead of allowing commercial interests to keep you in the dark or actively try to confuse you, pay attention to the science. What's the best available balance of evidence published in peer review medical journals.

    That is what we follow at Simple Beauty Minerals. No more waking up in the middle of the night worrying about your mineral makeup. All is well.

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