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Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

As promised– part 2 of our finish powder series is here, and it’s all about highlighting powder; in all it’s luminescent, shimmering glory!

In case you missed part 1 of our 2 part Finish & Special Effects Powders series, you’ll want to check it out here to get the low-down on all our Finish Powder basics… like what exactly a Finish Powder is for one thing, all the way to what type of everyday Simple Beauty Minerals Finish Powder is best for your skin, and of course some fun color swatches!


Special Effects Powders

This, Part 2 is all about our special effects highlighting powders– shimmery, glowy and fresh, these finish powders are used for highlighting and strobing, and all around bringing your makeup look up a notch with their fancy, gorgeous gleams…

Pixie Dust Radiance Glimmer Goddess  Satin Finish Silk Splendor Finish Ballet Slipper

The Full Line-Up

In the Simple Beauty Minerals lineup we have (pictured above from left to right)

Each one of these soft shimmer pigments can be used in multiple ways– Glimmer Goddess is a beautiful bronzer, blush, or even highlight for deeper skin tones. Ballet Slipper and Pixie Dust can double as a highlight or a blush. Silk Splendor, Pixie Dust and Ballet Slipper can be applied all over with a light touch for a dewy, subtle, luminous finish– or they can be applied to specific areas as a highlight.


Multi-Purpose (Of Course)

And of course, it almost goes without saying that they all make beautiful eyeshadows (and even lip colors!). Each one of these special effects finishes can be used as:
  • a gorgeous highlight whether in a full-on highlight and contour routine
  • a more subtle dewy glow
  • a quick I'm-in-a-rush-must-get-out-the-door glow to-go by taking advantage of strobing, a popular highlighting technique that skips the contour altogether and simply focuses on playing up your features with a glowy finish!

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

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OK– I know what you're thinking– but no, my face isn’t all marked up like that for plastic surgery (ha!)– it's actually just to illustrate my favorite technique for strobing and make things easy by showing you exactly where I like to highlight with the little infographic above. I used the Satin Finish special effects highlighting powder for this tutorial, but you can pick whichever one your heart desires and follow along for an equally gorgeous, glowy final product!


Strobing How-To

ONE. I highlight my cheekbones, continuing up towards my temples and blending up and out. I focus the highlighting powder away from the center of my face, and concentrate it higher up on my cheekbone– though I do blend out to soften the highlight towards the apples of my cheeks as well as my temples.

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

 TWO. I like to apply a small amount of highlight to the bridge of my nose for a pretty glow that ties into the rest of my strobing, plus it helps to slightly play up and elongate my nose.  

THREE. I either dab a tiny amount of highlighting powder onto the inner corner of my eye with the very tip of my ring finger (for a more concentrated punch of pigment), or I blend out a little highlight using a fluffy blending brush for a softer look.  

FOUR. I always highlight my brow bones, just under my brow– I think it gives the prettiest glow, and it can also help to transition your eyeshadow color to your natural skin color by standing in as “bridge” between the two– especially when you use a light nude-leaning highlight.  

FIVE. Sometimes I like to get extra fancy, and I add a dash of highlight on my cupids bow for a more pronouced lip– this also works the other way around as you can add a little contour under your lower lip to help play up a fuller pout.

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Of course, you can mix and match any of these steps to customize your look– just remember that when you apply a highlight, it draws more attention to that feature. If you want to draw less attention to your nose, for example, you may choose to not apply highlight there! To finish off my look, I added some Glimmer Goddess to my cheeks, and then for good measure buffed a little extra Satin Finish over top.

Get Fresh With Highlighting Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Adding a highlight always makes me feel so glamorous and put together– I love the extra little boost of confidence and the *glow* it gives me. Simply put, it just makes you feel fabulous!


Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her @galaxyandglowworm and @abbyroephoto on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks on Etsy at Galaxy and Glowworm .

Lisa's Note: Strobing is my favorite method and I use it almost daily. On mature faces it can really bring a fresh, dewey glow. Also, while Abby touches a bit to her Cupid's bow, I like to add a touch to the tip of my chin.
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