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Got Yellow? How To Hide Blue-Purple Shadows Under Your Eyes

applying yellow color corrector with makeup brush to cover blue purple dark circles

How do you hide dark, blueish-purple circles under your eyes?

Let's talk about a little something we all face – those pesky blueish-purple circles that like to call our under eyes home.

Whether they're a gift from a few too many late nights, good ol' family traits, or the hustle we've embraced, these dark circles can tell quite the tale.

Ever caught yourself gazing at bluish or purplish shadows and wondering, "How can I bid you farewell?"

Well, here's the secret weapon: YELLOW!

Why yellow, you ask? Because it's the opposite of blue on the color wheel – our golden ticket to concealing and brightening those under-eye areas, leaving us looking refreshed and radiant.

yellow mineral powder concealer open with mini brush.

Picture this: a yellow color corrector almost magically erasing those stubborn blue and purple tones. Believe it or not, it's not just a dream – it truly works!

Take a peek at the video tutorial below for a gentle step-by-step guide.

Surprise! Powder color correctors and concealers not only get the job done; they're also a breeze to use, and they stay right where you put them. Now, who wouldn't adore that?

And because I want you to feel beautiful, inside and out, here are a few extra tips:

  1. Begin with a gentle cleanse and a lightweight eye cream – a little love for the canvas before the masterpiece.
  2. Blending is your best friend – a soft brush for that seamless finish, no harsh lines in sight.
  3. Steer clear of purple or blue eyeshadow shades.
  4. Enhance your gaze with mascara and a neutral shimmery eyeshadow like Champagne Ice or Glitz.

Oh, and here's a gem for you – check out this Mayo Clinic article discussing the possible causes of dark circles. Knowledge is power, my friends!

Remember, in the world of color correction, opposites attract.

Just like a green corrector hides red tones, yellow will weave its magic on those blue and purple shadows.

Here's to bright eyes and radiant vibes, because beauty only deepens with time!

woman applying yellow concealer with brush.


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How to hide blue shadows under your eyes | YouTube 


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Updated 1-2024

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