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Don't Give Up; You Can Get Your Glow Back

dont give up; get your glow back |women over 50 beauty

 As we age, there is a danger of losing our desire to shine.

Ever had one of those moments where you're like, "Did I just let myself go?".

I get it - life happens.

Embracing beauty as we age is an art form, and I'm here to guide you through the journey of rediscovering your confidence.

Because, I've been there. And back again.

Somewhere, typically in our 40s/early 50s, there's a danger of losing our desire to look and feel good because we don't see it in ourselves anymore.

mature woman over 50 looking into mirror.

At the same time as our outer image is staring us in the face and challenging us, internal aspects of life, such as wisdom, emotional IQ, and the happiness curve, become more manageable as we age. There's the bright side!

Yet, those external challenges, like our skin wrinkling and sagging, an abundance of dark spots and pigmentation, and even loss of lashes and brows, may seem so. Dang. Daunting.

There's a danger of losing our desire to keep our appearance up.

Let's explore the insights shared in a recent Living Visibly Over 50 podcast conversation between Linda and I. Today I'm pulling out the highlights around self-care and beauty, focusing on our skin and makeup routines.

For more help around gaining a style boost listen to the full episode here. 

As we age, beauty and self-care can make life so much more interesting and fun.

However, we have finite resources, so what do we focus on, where do we start?

No Overwhelm

woman over 50 washing her face in robe at sink.

I'd like to share insights on starting a skincare and makeup journey with the goal of feeling good as we age, without feeling overwhelmed.

Begin With What Calls To You

Start by addressing either your main concerns (perhaps loss of lashes? get started on a safe lash growth serum) or choose to highlight your best features (perhaps your skintone is glorious) you'd like to enhance.

Test and try something new. Repeatedly, until you find what makes you smile. It's a process. Keep going. Have fun.

When that feels good, and you've made progress, ask yourself "What's next?"

Ask Yourself

mature woman looking into makeup mirror.

What are your best features? Where would you like to draw the eye to?

Alternatively, what would you like to draw the eye away from?

A Few Ideas 

How about getting on a good, consistent cleansing routine.

Or, starting to regularly use a nourishing hydration system, or learn to re-build collagen, or gently exfoliate to reveal your glowing skin underneath the dead surface layer.

Maybe you learn how to apply eyeshadow again, or choose your best colors, now that your eyes and overall coloring have changed.

The key is to take small, intentional steps that can make the process feel natural over time. Don't try to do it all at once!

Bringing It Back to Center

The goal is to feel good about yourself every single day. With life's ups and downs, having a reliable skincare and makeup routine that enhances your unique beauty can bring you back to center.

So, embrace the journey, take one small step at a time, and let the beauty unfold. Remember, we've got you covered on this transformative odyssey.

If this intrigues you, listen to the full episode here.

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