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Guide To Jojoba Creme Scrub

Guide To Jojoba Creme Scrub

Our Jojoba Creme Scrub is the best, gentle exfoliant you will ever use. Because it is...

Luxurious. Rich. Creamy.  The Jojoba Creme Scrub is the perfect choice for pampering and soothing your skin while gently exfoliating to reveal the soft, supple skin underneath. Made with the finest natural ingredients such as organic coconut and organic jojoba oil, this luxurious scrub works wonders for almost all skin types (with the exception of severe rosacea) and is wonderful for sensitive and even blemish prone skin.


Balances Oil Production

The jojoba oil in the scrub helps to balance the oil production of your skin while simultaneously diminishing fine lines and wrinkles by both providing moisturizing benefits and exfoliation all in one application... Yes please! 

Jojoba Creme Scrub | Simple Beauty Minerals


How To Fit It Into Your Routine

Variety. Choice. Options.  We like to give you options. And every so often a wonderfully gentle physical scrub just. Feels. So. Good on your skin.

Physical Exfoliant

The Jojoba Creme Scrub is one of three facial exfoliators offered in our Simple Beauty Skin lineup, and it is our physical exfoliator. It takes advantage of small, spherical, soft jojoba beads (which melt away, no mermaids tears here) that gently work to polish your skin and reveal your best skin underneath!

Chemical Exfoliant

Unlike our chemical exfoliators Radiance Reveal and Clear Skin Serum (which work to dissolve dead skin cells upon application and does not need to be rinsed off) the Jojoba Creme Scrub works to physically remove your dead skin cells as you scrub, and can double as your face wash on the days you choose to apply it. (Bonus: It will also double as a makeup remover!) You can also follow up with a gentle cleanser such as the Pink Mineral Complexion Bar or Essential Foaming Mineral Cleanser or Green Tea Lotion Cleanser. 

Jojoba Creme Scrub | Simple Beauty Minerals

How Often?

Just like Radiance Reveal, however, how often you use the Jojoba Creme Scrub (or any facial exfoliant) really depends on you and your skin. While some skin types will do best using an exfoliant every day, others may prefer only once a week. As always– the best way to find out is to experiment and listen to your skin. Start out slow, and see how your skin feels! Whether you prefer the luxurious experience of the creamy, rich, and soothing Jojoba Creme Scrub or the quick and easy application of Radiance Reveal, or both, exfoliation is an absolute must when it comes to your skincare regimen! 

Jojoba Creme Scrub | Simple Beauty Minerals


Just Why Is It So Important?

Exfoliation is such an important step for your skin because it removes the dead skin cells that act as a barrier to your other skin care products such as moisturizers, serums, and any other treatments.  Those dead skin cells are the very same that are dulling your complexion. When you remove these dead skin cells it not only allows your skin care products to penetrate more effectively and really do their job, but it reveals the fresh and healthy looking skin cells underneath that will give you a natural, gorgeous glow rather than being hidden by the dull, dead skin cells!


Every Age and Every Stage

And guess what… as we age, exfoliation becomes even more important! The regeneration process of skin cells becomes slower with age, which means that our dead skin cells will take longer to shed and leave skin looking more dull and dry. Luckily, with proper exfoliation, your bright, new cells can shine through!

Jojoba Creme Scrub | Simple Beauty Minerals

But hey, even when you’re young you aren’t off the hook when it comes to exfoliation when it comes to your skincare routine..!


Keeping Skin Clear

Not only will it help you keep your natural glow, but regular and effective exfoliation will help to keep your pores clear and unclogged and help with preventing breakouts. Speaking from personal experience, even though I am only in my early 20s, adding regular exfoliation into my skincare routine has been the biggest game changer for my skin, and I would highly recommend that anyone take the time to look into it and invest in a high quality, gentle, and effective facial exfoliant! To learn more about the many, many benefits of a chemical exfoliant Radiance Reveal, check out this blog post we did all about it right over here!


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Note from Lisa: Virtually everyone needs and exfoliant and most will benefit greatly from Radiance Reveal or Clear Skin Serum, our daily chemical (yet still botanically based) exfoliants which offer SO many benefits outside of physical exfoliation. But when looking for a cushy scrub to softly work into your skin, you will love this baby.





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