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Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks (With Video)

Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks (With Video)

Crazy, Creative Fun For Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, let’s have some fun with our makeup stashes! Now is the perfect time to pull out those bolder, crazier colors and brew up festive look fit for the occasion– think orange, purple, black, green, and of course a little bit of shimmer and sparkle for good measure!

Two Twists on Halloween Inspired

Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks | Simple Beauty Minerals

We came up with a couple of twists on “Halloween inspired” makeup looks that would be a ton of fun to sport in the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve– perfect for wearing along with a costume, or just to add a little extra flare and fun to your day!

Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks | Simple Beauty Minerals

Get the Look

Tangerine Mineral Eyeshadow  Limeade Mineral Eyeshadow Purple Black Mineral Liner Midnight Mineral Eyeshadow Soft Black Mineral Liner Emerald Mineral Liner



You will need:

Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks | Simple Beauty Minerals

The Orange and Purple

For the first Halloween-inspired eye shadow look, I used the chunkier bigger side of the  Double Sided Angled Eye Shadow Brush to lay down a base of Tangerine Mineral Eye Shadow all over my lid. Then, using the smaller finer side of the same brush, I added another fun pop of color to my lower lash line with the Purple Black Mineral Liner. From here, you could line the upper lash line with the purple black liner as well, but I opted for the Soft Black Mineral Liner. Both would be fun and festive though, so play around and go with whatever best suits your look! 

Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks | Simple Beauty Minerals

The Green and Black

For the second Halloween-inspired eye shadow look I used my Eyeshading Brush to lay down a base of Limeade Mineral Eye Shadow all over my lid, then I came in with Midnight Mineral Eye Shadow on my Fluffy Eye Shading Brush and added it into my crease for a dramatic, contrasting look. I smudged out a little Soft Black Mineral Liner on my lower lash line with my Fine Angle Brush, and then for an eye-catching twist added Purple Black Mineral Liner to my upper lash line. For my lips, I wanted to go all out in the spirit of Halloween, so I chose to add Emerald Mineral Liner to my lips for a crazy green lip– I totally love how it came out, and I would wear it with either of the eye shadow looks for a fun, colorful twist on my normal lip colors. However, if you wanted to wear a more natural lip color– go for it! There are no rules when it comes to makeup, especially when it comes to Halloween. It’s all about having fun and playing around with it!  



Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram

Lisa's Notes: I just love magical Halloween! It's a chance for us to play with different persona's and bring forth our inner sweet child. Bring her back, girl; she has much to share with you.