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How To Choose Eye Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes

best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes | simple beauty minerals

Certain colors will enhance certain eye colors more than others.

Are you a blue-eyed beauty?

This is for you!

Learn to choose your best eye makeup shades for your blue eyes and your skin tone.


But first a mini color theory lesson...


Contrasting Colors: Pop of Color

If you have blue eyes, you'll want something to make your eyes pop. Then you want to choose colors that are complimentary or contrasting to blue.

Look at the opposite end of blue on the color wheel and look for warm colors -- yellows, oranges, red oranges. You're thinking of your warm browns, coppers, and peaches. These will bring out the blue in your eyes.

These are especially gorgeous is you have a warm skin tone. (See your contrasting cool browns below).

These shades are your pops of color or emphasis or accent color. 

Neutrals: Natural Look

But what if you want to go more of a natural look?  If you'd want a monotone look, sort of blending in with your eye color.

Then you're going to stay with what's next to blue on the color wheel --- blues, darker blues, maybe some greens.

  • Blastin Blue
  • Faded Denim
  • Stone
  • Frosted Cement
  • Midnight
  • Forget Me Not
  • Blue Opal
  • Fabulous
  • Twistin Teal

Cool Tones

Those of you that have blue eyes but lean towards a cooler skin tone and you feel like you look better in the cool tones.

  • Silver Taupe
  • Suede
  • Sable
  • Cobblestone
  • Soft Touch

 For your most harmonious look, choose your browns that are a match to your skin tone. 


Blue Eyes - eyeshadow tutorial

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