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How To Choose YOUR Best Purple Eyeshadow (With Video)

lisa holding up swatches of purple eyeshadows

Purple Eyeshadow Can Look Amazing 

Even more so if you are wearing your best purple shades.

But which shade of purple is your best?

First of all, wear whatever shade of purple that makes your heart sing. 


Education is power - Get a purple education, then decide. 

Know This.

Purple can be worn by all skin tones. 

Like Teal. Teal can be work by all skin tones. 

But today is all about purple. (Where'd you come from Teal?)

The Color Wheel - Where it all Starts

Purple is where blue and red meet on the color wheel. 

To the left are the blue-purples; cool colors.

To the right are the red purples; warm colors. 

In the middle of blue-purple and red-purple is the true purple; a universal color. 

Remember, everyone can wear true purple.

The smack dab in the middle purple. 

By the way, 'Violet' is actually the technical name for Purple. 

Know Your Skin Tone - Self Knowledge

There it is. 

That self-knowledge is power thing again. 

Once you know your natural skin's undertone, an entire world will open up to you. 

Cools can wear all purples (or violets, depending on what you want to call it)

Warms are better with the warmer, rosier end of the purple spectrum. (Think adding reds).

Neutrals, same as cools, can wear just about any purple. Neutrals just always seem to have more flexibility with colors. 

Not Sure What Your Skin Tone Is? 

Take our super quick, super FREE Foundation Shade Finder to find out. 



Blue Purple Eyeshadow Options

iris mineral eyeshadow - blue opal mineral eyeshadow - forget me not mineral eyeshadow - Lilac Mineral eyeshadow -
Iris Blue Opal Forget Me Not Lilac 


Purple Eyeshadow Options

groovin' grape mineral eyeshadow - dream mineral eyeshadow - eggplant mineral eyeshadow - 
Groovin' Grape Dream Eggplant


Red-Purple Eyeshadow Options

misty mineral eyeshadow- red plum mineral 
Misty Red Plum



Consider The Depth of Your Skin Tone

Fair Skin? 

Choose lighter shades of purple.

Deep Skin? 

Choose darker, shades of purple. 

Now, add your skin's under tone of cool, warm or neutral. 

It's a bit of a math equation. For example:

Fair and warm? Choose or, lightly apply your warm purple shade, perhaps even wih a touch of brightness (for you bright eyed women). 

Deep and cool? Choose a deeper, cooler shade. 

Consider your personal palette


Is there a brightness to your look? 

Choose a brighter shade, such as Groovin' Grape. 

Muted or Smokey

You have soft coloring?

Choose a soft shade, such as Forget Me Not. 

Consider Your Eye Color

Eye color is the traditional way to choose your makeup shades, but as you can see there is so much more to consider. That says, purple works for every eye color. But let's take a look:

Brown Eyes

Purple is a safe bet for you brown eye'd girls. 

Blue Eyes

You have many eyeshadow options, and purple is one of them. Look to your personal coloring palette, as above, to get the right tone of purple.  

Green Eyes

Red purples and pink tones (rosy-red) help to bring out the yellow in green eyes. Again, look to your personal color palette. 

Hazel Eyes

Shades such as Eggplant and periwinkle (Forget Me Not) are generally a good bet. 

Work with Me

For more help in choosing your best makeup shades, I am trained in color, so come work with me. 



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