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How To Hide Dark Circles, Simply (with Video)

Hide Dark Circles -

Let's simplify the process of hiding dark under-eye circles.

Dark circles are something that most of us have definitely had the “pleasure” of experiencing at one time or another. Pesky as they can seem, when you are confronted with those under eye circles there are so many tips and tricks to have up your sleeve for both concealing and rejuvenating your under eye area! I know I have definitely had my fair share of under eye darkness over the years, and sometimes it seems like no matter what I do... they just won't disappear!


We're Here To Simplify The Process

Luckily, it's pretty easy to minimize and conceal them with the right color corrector and concealer routine and it hardly takes more than a couple of minutes each morning.


Causes - Lifestyle and Heredity

To help minimize and reduce under eye darkness naturally, it's so important to make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water throughout the day, and using a quality eye creme. Lifestyle and skincare both play a big role in the prominence of under eye darkness and dark circles, although they aren’t always the full story and depending on your genetics you might naturally have under eye darkness, or your dark circles may be more noticeable or linger long after things get out of sync!

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

And of course, there are always going to be those times when things are just plain hectic and due to stress, work, school, family, or any number of things all of us have experienced lack of sleep and exhaustion. And adding more pronounced dark circles under your eyes is probably the last thing you want added to your plate!


Up Your Concealer Game

For times like these (or any time your under eye area needs a little pick me up) color correcting concealer is your BFF! And whether you like to use concealer under your eyes every day or only when your eyes are especially in need of a little pick-me-up, these application tips are sure to help you step up your mineral concealer game!


Powder Concealer?

If you're new to loose mineral concealer under your eyes, things might seem intimidating at first (especially if you are used to using a liquid or cream concealer) but it is honestly incredibly simple.  

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

There are a few different ways to go about it– so let’s start with the simplest one first.


Prep The Eye Area

All you’ll need is an Eye Creme (we like to use our Pure Bliss Eye Creme), your loose Mineral Concealer of choice (more on which color to use later), and Perfect Concealer Brush. Simply apply your eye creme, as usual, let it set for a couple of minutes, and then apply your concealer over top– this will help the concealer to melt seamlessly into your skin and give you a natural finish.

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

Another method is to simply apply it over top of your liquid foundation– this will also allow for a natural look and help the concealer to really melt into your skin in a natural finish while offering the extra coverage from the liquid foundation all in one.

Another Option

Another idea (you can read *all* about this here) is to mix your concealer with a little bit of your liquid foundation or eye creme before applying it if you prefer a wet application method– this will also allow you to mix up however much concealer you desire based on your coverage needs (more for fuller coverage, less for a lighter touch). 

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

Application Placement

When applying concealer to combat dark circles, it is just as important to apply it in the right areas as it is to apply it in the right method for optimal coverage and concealing. The best way to draw the most light into this area and conceal the darkness most effectively is to apply your concealer in a little upside down triangle under each eye. (More on this here). 

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals


Some swear by adding a layer of red or orange lipstick under their eyes before covering it up with their concealer in this manner because they feel the warm colors cancel out the cool tones of the dark circles most effectively. You can combat the cool blue and purple tones under your eyes with a colored concealer as well– in fact, colored concealers will work best in combatting your under eye darkness according to color theory because their opposite colors will actively work to neutralize your dark circles rather than just cover over them like a skin tone colored concealer.


Choose Your Concealer Shade

Depending on the dominant color in your dark circles you can pick out which concealer will work the best for you:

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

If you have more purple under your eyes, pick a yellow based concealer such as our Catnap Concealer or Yellow Color Corrector. If you have bluer circles, pick a more salmon-y/orange based concealer, such as our Peach Color Corrector. Alternatively, if you are fair to medium skinned, choose Yellow. Deeper skin tones, choose Peach. Our pink based Bright Eyes Color Corrector will work wonders added on top of another corrector for some extra “oomph”, or all on its own as well and is a wonderfully versatile and effective choice!  

How To Hide Dark Circles | Simple Beauty Minerals

For more on our fabulous line of mineral color correctors and concealers, check out this blog post all about them (complete with color swatches and a full-color wheel with more on how to easily incorporate color theory into your everyday makeup routine for your best concealing ever!)


Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. 

Lisa's Notes: When I first began using powder concealers I thought it was the strangest concept. But now, I love the naturally, soft and subtle looks it leaves.