Eyebrow Tutorial For Mature Brows

May 04, 2020 2 min read

mature eyebrow tutorial

Eye Brows!

All about brows for mature eyes. 

  • The challenges we face as we age.
  • The solutions.
  • How to shape them.
  • How to apply brow makeup.
  • The best product choices.


  1. Vanishing Brows
  2. Disappearing Tails
  3. Greying, Wiry hairs
  4. overgrown, Unruly hairs

brow tutorial for mature eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

Vanishing Brows

Makes you appear older, with less oomph!

Disappearing Tails

Your brows thin naturally at the ends as we age. 

Greying Brow Hairs

Do you have just a few, or the whole shebang? 

Overgrown. Unruly. Wiry. 

Bushy brows can make your eyes look smaller.

Trim hairs that are too long. 

brow tutorial for mature eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

Brow Shaping

For demonstration, see video tutorial below. 

Brush brow hairs up, then trim extra long hairs. 

Tweeze underneath to maintain shape. 

Use a 10X mirror.  Be sure not to over-pluck, 

Consider having your brows professionally shaped at least once. 

eyebrow makeup for mature eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

From the top - Sable, Suede, Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadows for cool tone coloring

brow makeup for mature eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

From the top, Middle Earth Brow Powder, Velvet and Hot Cocoa Mineral Eyeshadow for warm tone coloring.

brow makeup for mature eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

Deep Earth Brow Powder

Applying Brow Makeup

Pencils. Powders. Fine Angle Brush. 

Powders are the most user friendly and a good place to start. Our powders have fantastic adhering power. 

Be sure you have this brush.  

If powder doesn't last on you, try a pencil. The wax in the pencil adheres to your skin. 

Double brow staying power? Use a pencil and powder together!

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For more information - watch the video tutorial below. 

vip discussion group - simplebeautyminerals.com

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