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One Foundation Mistake You Are Probably Making

One Foundation Mistake You Are Probably Making

Is your foundation not beautifully melting into your skin as smoothly as it once did?

Instead, it sits on top of your skin, or perhaps, your makeup just doesn't look as fresh as it once did?

Well, I have a possible solution for you for the foundation mistake you are probably making -  Instead of running out and finding a new brand of makeup, try this:

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

What a concept! 

You may think that since Mineral Makeup is powder that there wont be any buildup on the brushes, but that is not so.

You apply moisturizer prior to applying your minerals, correct? (Minerals actually work better that way, so do say yes).

Our moisturizer and natural facial oils will, over time, build up on our brushes and your makeup application won't be as pristine.

Washing Tip

By the way, when you wash your brushes, be sure the  water does not run down into the base as it can loosen the glue that holds it together.

Not sure how to wash them, or how often? 

Here is more information  on how to clean your fabulous makeup application tools investments in order to keep them in good shape and ready to help you get beautiful every day.