Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

January 30, 2019 3 min read

Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

Radiate. Let our Radiance Powders help you do just that. 

Today we are highlighting a couple of our favorite finish powders here at the Simple Beauty Blog… Pixie Dust Radiance Powder, and Ballet Slipper Radiance Powder!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

Highlight. Dewy Blush. All Over Radiance. 

Both of these finish powders can be used as a highlight, a subtle dewy blush, or a super light dusting of all-over color and radiance (or a super pretty, naturally glowy eyeshadow). 

Finish Powders are a fabulous way to finish off your everyday look with a little something extra to make it really “pop”– they are so simple to apply, and both Pixie Dust and Ballet Slipper can be layered for a slightly more dramatic glow or just swept across once or twice for a natural, barely there glow.

Either way these gorgeous Radiance Powders are sheer enough that they won't look overdone, and allow you to easily add just the right amount of healthy, radiant glow.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

 A Big Fluffy Brush

Applying Finish Powder with our super soft, vegan, and 100% cruelty-free Powder Buffer Brush gives a beautiful buffed out finish that is totally seamless with just a few strokes.

This fluffy, light brush distributes the powder perfectly for an easy and totally flawless application with just a kiss of color and a touch of subtly shimmery radiance!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

 Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper Finish Powder is a gorgeous, shimmery, cool pink.

This is a great multi-purpose makeup color as it can be layered on with a few applications for a sweet and natural looking pink blush, or worn as a highlighter along with another cheek color (blush or bronzer).

Ballet Slipper also easily lends itself to everyday use as an eyeshadow color– it can be worn alone or paired with another color (it pairs beautifully with neutrals!).

Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

 Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust Radiance Powder is a warm, super light peach with a beautiful soft shimmer throughout.

It can also be worn as a blush as well as a highlight depending on how much product you apply.

Pixie Dust Radiance pairs easily with any number of makeup looks, and does a wonderful job of adding a touch of warmth and glow to your look!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

 Super Subtle Effect

Finish Powders are much lighter than other mineral makeup cheek colors, and produce a super subtle effect.

They do not have the same type of color payoff that our other blushes and bronzers do, because that is not what they are formulated for– they are specifically designed to give a light, subtle radiance andnot a punch of color.

Highlight and Glow

This means they are totally perfect for highlighting and adding a gorgeous overall glow to your look!

However, if you want a brighter and more vivid color payoff try checking out a 2-in-1 Cream Crayon or another one of our Mineral Cheek Colors for your main cheek color instead, and stick to using these Finish Powders as your highlighter for your finishing touch!


Simple Beauty Minerals - Soft Radiance - Featuring Radiance Powders

 Soft Blush Option

Their light and subtle nature means they are also a great choice for beauties who don’t want a brighter and bolder blush look, and since you can layer the application of these finish powders to slowly build up to your desired intensity, they are a wonderful option if you are worried about applying too much blush and would prefer a super subtle and natural look with a touch of glowy radiance.

Get The Look

In this post along with Pixie Dust Radiance Powder on one cheek and Ballet Slipper Finish Powder on the other cheek, Abby wears:


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