Pucker Up & Show Off Your Lips (with video)

October 23, 2018 4 min read

Dye Free Lipsticks - simplebeautyminerals.com

Vibrant, skin-care-for-your-lips - dye free lipsticks are here!

And we cannot wait to share them with you– just take a peek at these gorgeous, vibrant, andjust plain fun new hues…

Simple Beauty Minerals - Nutmeg, Jazzed, Pink Jasmine, Pop of Pink, Scarlet

(Left to Right) Nutmeg, Jazzed, Pink Jasmine, Pop of Pink, Scarlet.


Innovative Dye Free Formula

There is truly something for everyone (and every look!) in this fab and fun new assortment of beautiful mineral lip colors. One of the best parts? Each one of these lipsticks is lovingly made with an innovative dye-free formula which will leave your lips looking luscious both during and after wear. Because they are formulated with healthy mineral pigments (and super nourishing cocoa butter, avocado butter, and vitamin E!) rather than synthetic dyes, the colors will not show up as intensely when applied to lips as they appear in the tube– however the color and coverage is buildable (although I will say– I’ve had fun playing around with them the past few weeks, and I find that about three passes or so of color gives me a pretty dang vibrant lip!). 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Pucker Up & Show Off Your Lips

Skin Care for Your Lips

Plus with all of these lip-loving ingredients, not only will you get totally gorgeous color pay-off… these mineral lipsticks will leave you with soft, beautifully hydrated, and totally kissable lips! Currently, we have five new shades in the line up: Scarlet, Pop of Pink, Jazzed, Pink Jasmine, and Nutmeg

Simple Beauty Minerals - Pucker Up & Show Off Your Lips


Scarlet is a gorgeous universally flattering red shade that will pair perfectly with any look that demands a bold lip. Keep things simple with a neutral eye, a few swipes of mascara, and a classic red lip for everyday wear. Go for full-on glamour with a bold red lip, smokey eye, and old Hollywood style waves for a special event. Rock a patriotic look for the 4th of July (coming up next month) with a clean red lip to compliment all the red, white and blue! The options are positively endless– and this is such a beautiful and easy to wear red that you will find yourself reaching for it time and time again no matter the occasion.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Pucker Up & Show Off Your Lips


Pop of Pink

Pop of Pink is a truly stunning and totally trendy cool (yet soft) pink that is the perfect Summer color to add a splash of fun to any look! I might be a bit biased because I absolutely adore a bright pink lip, but I think you will fall for this fabulously fun color too– I mean, just check out the pictures below! The great thing I have noticed about Pop of Pink as I have been testing it out the past few weeks is that you can choose the intensity you want and absolutely customize it based on the look you are going for. One layer of light application gives you a soft hint of pink and leaves you with a sweet, soft look almost as if you applied a tinted lip balm (and you can blend it out however much you like, too). Don’t stop there, though– if you want to achieve a brighter look like in the photos below, simply layer on a couple more applications to build up to your desired result! I love the brightness of this color, so I have been wearing multiple coats each time I have applied this and it doesn’t only look amazing– it feels amazing too! I like to really layer it on and yet it has not felt heavy or uncomfortable on my lips at all (and I am quite picky about that), plus it leaves my lips feeling so nice and soft afterwards. Love!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Pucker Up & Show Off Your Lips

Pop of Pink.

Jazzed and Nutmeg

Jazzed and Nutmeg are the two softer and more neutral tones and they both have a light shimmer to them that makes them oh-so-pretty both on your lips and in the tube. Jazzed is a soft, nude-leaning peachy tone.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Jazzed Lipstick


Nutmeg is a sophisticated bronzed nude. Both are fantastically gorgeous– just see for yourself below! They will both pair easily with any number of looks and effortlessly give a polished overall finish.


Simple Beauty Minerals - Nutmeg Lipstick


Pink Jasmine

Last but absolutely not least is  Pink Jasmine– this gorgeous pinky toned strawberry rose is a majestically duo-chromed opalescent treat! This incredibly pretty shade cannot be done justice on camera or in photos because of how it catches the light so stunningly in person with its dynamic opalescence, however it is still not hard to see how truly gorgeous this lipstick is (even with only a mere photo to capture it). This is the perfect everyday shade as well as a fabulous option for a dreamy date night look (or any other special occasion that might call for some rosy pink lipstick magic!). 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Pink Jasmine Lipstick

Pink Jasmine.


One last little tip? I have been dusting a tiny bit of corn starch over my lipstick with my super fluffy Powder Buffer Brushon days that I wear multiple layers because it helps set the color so well throughout the day. This is one of my favorite ways to set lipsticks and I’ve actually been doing it for years, so I tried it out with these as well and it has worked like a charm! It makes them even more long lasting and it really helps to set them especially when there are many layers of product. The key is to really just use the tiniest amount to dust over it with a super fluffy brush– and voila! There you go.

You Got Lips!!



Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her @abby.roe.photo on instagram.

Lisa's Notes: I intentionally created 2 cool shades, 2 warm shades and a universal color. If your skin is cool toned - try Pop of Pink and Pink Jasmine. If you are warmer toned, try Nutmeg and Jazzed. And no matter your skin tone, you have to give Scarlet a wear!

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