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What If I Ignore The Care of My Skin?

resveratrol peptide serum - ignore skin care

What would happen if you just ignored skincare?

What are the opportunity costs that would be lost? What damage would be done by virtually doing nothing to protect, preserve and replenish your skin? 

Let's walk it through step by step and see...

Opportunity Costs 

You would have less collagen production - thus an increase in the speed at which you gain lines and wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, plus added acneic and reactive skin. Your external signs of aging would simply speed up. 


What if I gave up everything and just used a moisturizer?

Your moisturizer would just sit on top of an accumulation of dead skin cells and debris which would act as a barrier, preventing the moisturizer from working its magic. 

What if I ignore cleansing and toning?  

Your face will never truly be clean. 
Your skin will present with uneven tone, redness can increase, along with blotchiness and redness. 
Lines and wrinkles will form sooner. 
Your skin, if you are prone to it, will become more reactive. 


What if I ignore exfoliation?

Your skin will be dull, dry or acneic, or both. 

Your skin could be rougher, pores may enlarge. 

Your skintone will become uneven, dark spots will increase, skin will be drier, feel less supple and generally be more uncomfortable. 

What if I ignore moisturizer and eye creme?

If your skin leans to dryness, you will feel dry, tight and even scaly. Your skin texture will become less even, you will notice a lack of plumpness (your skin cells learn to take in moisture with repetition of application) and hydration. 

Your eye area will age faster, with lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark spots worsening.  


What if I ignore support serums?

Vitamin C Serum, Bright On Brightening Serum, are all in the support serum category.

If you ignore them? Opportunity Lost.

You will see and feel skin that is rougher, an uneven skin tone, dark spots will deepen and spread.

You may experience more acne and pore clogging, a quicker loss of firmness, and quicker sagging. 

Basically, external signs of aging will happen faster. 

What if I ignore sunscreen?

I. can't. even. 

The two areas that I see get skipped a lot are exfoliation and sun protection. 

The two WORST categories to ignore. 

The accumulation of dead surface skin cells from ignoring exfoliation will cause dryness, or increased acne, or increased skin sensitivity. 

The lack of sunscreen will have you aging 90% faster! 

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