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Zinc Oxide In Mineral Makeup - 6 Reasons Why It Is Healthy Protection For Your Skin

zinc oxide - a white powder in makeup

Zinc Oxide, one of the key ingredients in mineral makeup, is beneficial for your skin in a number of ways. 

It's not just a makeup ingredient. 

It's skincare. 

It's healthcare. 

So, what role does zinc oxide play in your makeup?

How is it beneficial? 


zinc oxide mineral

Zinc Oxide Crystal 

zinc oxide powder in a bowl

Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc Oxide

As one of the key mineral makeup ingredient, zinc oxide will give your skin a positive boost.

What exactly is it?

In your makeup, it's a fluffy white powder, an inorganic mineral.

Why is it used?

It's used primarily as a colorant and a sunscreen agent.

It also brings to the table, lubricating, thickening, whitening power, coverage and adhesion (the sticky-to-your-face so it doesn't just fly away kind of adhesion).


You may very well ask, "What's in it for me?"

    • It protects your skin from the sun by sitting on top of the skin scattering and absorbing the harmful rays, both UVA & UVB. It's what's in your mineral sunscreens.
    • It provides the lovely ability of staying on your skin even while swimming or sweating, as it is insoluble in water. Love that!
    • It's excellent for sensitive skins; There is virtually no risk of skin irritation from zinc oxide.
    • Because of its healing properties, it has been used to treat diaper rash, minor burns, and other minor skin irritations for years.
    • It forms a barrier on skin to protect against irritants. This also helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized and imparts an anti-aging effect.
Zinc Oxide is: 
  1. anti-inflammatory.
  2. healing for rosacea & acne.
  3. anti-microbial.
  4. the broadest spectrum UVA, UVB  & UVC absorber that is approved for use as a sunscreen by the FDA.
  5. completely photo stable.
  6. beneficial in reducing pre-mature aging of the skin & skin cancer due to it's broad spectrum sunscreen.

Bonus: current evidence suggest both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are reef safe.

Are you sold yet? I am!  

You can find Zinc Oxide in our Mineral Foundations

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