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Simple Beauty Minerals - Pure Primer

Pure Primer

  • Regular 7 Grams
  • Try Me 1 Gram

Our pure mineral makeup foundation primer will create a smooth, silky, canvas for your most flawless application ever.

Helps to minimize your pores, and help your makeup last much longer.

Good for all skin tones, as our foundation primer is virtually colorless.ᅠ

"Thanks for checking in. I really like the Pure Primer. It really does make a difference." Rachel P.


  • Oily skin
  • Large pores
  • Flaky skin
  • Rosacea
  • High humidity
  • Fine lines
  • Slight discolorationᅠ
  • Need smoother foundation applicationᅠ

For all the above, use Pure Primer.

With a light dusting of mineral primer before your foundation, your pores will be minimized, foundation will last longer, splotches will be covered and your foundation will last longer in the jar as well.

Bonus: By using this primer, you can increase the benefits and effectiveness of your anti-aging products, because it holds them on your skin.

How to use Pure Primer

Mica; Arrowroot; Pearl Powder

-7 grams
-Not a Vegan Product
-Fragrance & Phthalate Free
-Gluten Conscious

I personally guarantee you will love your new and improved skin with and without makeup after using Simple Beauty Minerals and Simple Beauty Skin.

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