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Client Love

Kris S.

I LOVE SBM!! Not only is the make up outstanding, but Lisa is the best EVER!! She personally consulted with me several times regarding purchases, gave me accurate advice on colors, and she was quick to get back to me... and bonus: My package arrived 2 days after I ordered. I am "all in!" Between the quality of the makeup / skincare and Lisa's personalized attention, it doesn't get any better than that! I've found my "home store."

Paula G.

I was delighted by how much you wanted to make sure I had the right products. The phone meeting with Lisa was great. Also the price and the quality; I don't have to pay a lot to get something that works well. I really like the organic products because I know what is going on and into my skin.

Maria R.

I was surprised that the owner was so involved and helped me personally. You don't see that anymore. For an internet company, they are very personal. The Try Before You Buy samples made it hesitation free and foolproof. I could try the product, see if I liked it over a few days and was very sure of my purchase. I love that they are fairly generous, so you can try different combinations and a few applications. It's awesome and genius! It was a great experience.

Arlene G.

Thanks for all the informative information about harsh chemicals in our makeup and how to apply it. My daughter and I love Simple Beauty Minerals. We are prone to blemishes and my daughter uses it to smooth out her skin and it looks great on her. I love how my skin looks when I use it too to even out my dark spots... I just need to remember to use it everyday and receive the benefit of healthier skin.