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These 4 Beauty Products Will Make A Huge Impact

These 4 Beauty Products Will Make A Huge Impact

So many products to choose from. So little time. 

On Want-It-Wednesdays, I go through my latest beauty finds that I have loved, and know will benefit you as well. 

This week I have a stellar, easy priced lash growth serum, the most wonderful facial cleansing tool, a weightless, non-chalky sunscreen and a body lotion that will improve your skin over time.

Better. Better. Better. 

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Time for...

...want it wednesday 

weightless sunscreen ordinary lash serum

The Want-Its

The Ordinary Lash Serum:
The lash serum that works and you can afford! At only $14.50 this is one of the best decisions I ever made. You won't grow the crazy long lashes that a hormone based lash serum will grow, but you also won't risk the side-effects. This is a nourishing, non-hormone lash serum that will bring you fuller, longer lashes in a safe, cost-effective way. I use it twice daily. 
Invigorating Capillary Face Scrubber $49.:
Oh, you need this. It helps you get a better facial cleanse combined with your SBSkin cleanser, while stimulating your skin with the silicone scrubbing pad. It also helps to mildly exfoliate and invigorate the skin by bringing blood flow and oxygen to the surface of your skin. It feels fantastic! I use it every night. 
PCA Skin Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 $48.:
Fast absorbing, lightweight- feels like it simply disappears. An elegant sunscreen formula. 
PCA Skin Body Therapy $72: 
I use this daily. An active, effective, more than just hydration body lotion. 
For more detailed information check this podcast episode out - Get Rid of Crepey Skin and Dark Spots - The Body Care Episode
You can also find these products in the SBM Amazon Shop :

Want It Wednesday Replay

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