6 Summer Makeup Tips - How Do You Stay Fresh?

June 19, 2019 3 min read

6 summer makeup tips - simplebeautyminerals.com

Best summer makeup tips for heat and sweat proof beauty.

How do you keep your makeup looking fresh and pretty in the summer heat and humidity? 

I have heard from many of you over the summer in terms of your summer makeup wearing habits.

Mostly, what I hear is this:

"I wear foundation and veil only, during the summer, for sun protection."


"I don't wear any makeup now that it is summer, only sunscreen, for sun protection."

Here, we share 6 simple makeup tips that will help you when summer rolls around. 

 6 Summer Makeup Tips

1. Get Primed. Primer is your friend in the hot, humid summer weather.

Your makeup will hold out better throughout  the summer heat when you apply primer underneath your foundation.

2. Rock on. If you choose to wear foundation in the heat, minerals are a breeze, and your best bet.

Just a quick flick of the brush for a light dusting and your off.

No melting, streaking or running.


With our mineral makeup you have - Sunscreen. Staying power. Water resistance.


3. Go Deeper. You may choose to go one shade deeper with your foundation than your 'winter wear', and remember, pure minerals, such as what I carry here, will never spoil.

So, keep two jars, one for winter and one for summer and trade up when the sun comes out.

They will keep for years. 

4. Wear Your Veil/Finish Powder. Perhaps just a wash of veil is the ticket?

It may be all you need for easy summer days. 

5. Sun Kissed. How about  a bronzer?

A sweep of bronzer across temples, earlobes, neck and cheekbones will give you a wash of color, brighten up your face and whiten your teeth.

It's the best way to get safe sun. 

We have a gorgeous faux tan look for you here. 

6. Bright & Sheer. For summer makeup fun, try wearing a color a bit brighter than you normally wouldin the winter.

Bright, and sheer.

You will feel so shimmery-summery, you will have to put on your willowy white capris and hit the beach!


Summer Nails? 

Summer Nails by Color Street Polish Strips - simplebeautyminerals.com

Summer proof nails by Color Street

But wait, ... Do strange things happen to your skin when you wear makeup in the summer?

Summer heat & high humidity can do some strange things to what normally works very well for you during the cooler months.

For instance, does your mineral makeup cause you to itch when the temperature and humidity soars?

This happens to some women.

Often, the cause is an ingredient called bismuth oxychloride, which is a known irritant.

Check your brand of mineral makeup to see if that is the culprit.

If so, ditch it.

But sometimes, it is something else.

You could actually have two brands of mineral makeup with the same ingredient listing, one will itch in high humidity, one will not.

Go figure.  


It can be simply in the formulation: the amount of one ingredient over another, or the actual source of the same ingredient.

Who knows. It just itches!

If this occurs, don't give up on minerals for your skin.

Try another formula.

I have clients who live in the same high heat, high humidity area; both wear Simple Beauty Minerals Full Cover foundation and love it.

During the summer, one can happily continue wearing it, where the other can not.

She has now switched to her summer foundation shade in the Simple Beauty Minerals Sensitive-Rich formula and is living very happily, that is when she is not sweating profusely in the out of doors. (

Can you say, "air conditioning?") Ahh... a happy ending.