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Spotlight On - Misty & Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow

spotlight on misty & opal blue -

Get The Look - With Mineral Eyeshadows Misty and Blue Opal.

Two eyeshadows are better than one– isn’t that how the saying goes?

When the two eyeshadows are Misty Mineral Eyeshadow and Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow, we’re sure it is!

These two are absolutely gorgeous together– or on their own– and they are sure to brighten up your week with their positively perfect pops of color (and just the right amount of shimmer)!

(Pictured above: Misty on Left, Blue Opal on Right)

Brighter. Bolder.

Summer is the perfect time to play around with brighter and bolder colors– and they don’t have to be intimidating.

Even if you usually stick with a simple neutral eyeshadow look, adding a little pop of color can completely change the entire feel of your look, and can be a lot of fun to boot– and with this simple (yet colorful) Summer look to serve as a little inspiration, you can customize it to your favorite colorful eyeshadows and make it your own!

The Colors

I chose Misty Mineral Eyeshadow for my main color because it is one of my all time favorite eyeshadows, and the beautiful mauve-y pink always looks incredible as the main color in eyeshadow looks both all on its own and when paired with another color– truly so, so pretty. It’s hard to go wrong with Misty!

Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow is another fabulous colorful pick– it comes in somewhere between a gorgeous iridescent purple and an opalescent blue.

Depending on what color you pair it with it tends to look more purple or more blue– in this case it leaned more purple when paired with Misty as you will see in the photos below.

Watching this shade shimmering between purple and blue in the sunlight is almost magical. We love a good duo-chrome– so of course we needed to incorporate Blue Opal into this celebration of color as well!

Keep It Simple

Because of how bold and colorful this look is, I wanted to keep it super simple and mainly focus on building up the intensity of the color on the lid and then blending out really well to soften up the edges a bit.

The focus is on the colors themselves, and the technique to apply them is straightforward and easy to follow along with.

Get The Look 

First I chose to apply Misty Mineral Eyeshadow using my fingertip to pick up the eyeshadow pigment and gently press it all over my eyelid, working in small sections.

I chose to use my fingertips because this allowed me to get the most coverage and pigmentation onto my lid, and didn’t buff away any color with a brush while I was applying it.

After I had this first base-layer of Misty down on my eyelid, I went in with another layer of Misty right on top of it– this time using the foiling technique to apply it to my lids wet with the Eyeshading Brush packing it on and sealing in the first layer.

I let this application fully dry before going in with my Mini Fluff Brush and gently working at the edges to blend out the pigment ever so softly.

If you don’t want as intense of a color on your lids, you can simply skip my first two steps and just blend Misty all over your lid with the Mini Fluff Brush for a softer wash of color.

If you do want a more dramatic pop of color, foiling will allow you to get a really intense color and will help to lock it in for all-day wear.

Next, I went in with the small side of the Double Sided Angled Eye Shadow Brush and used Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow to create a pop of color right below my lower lash line.

I love how this adds an extra little colorful flair to the overall look!

If you wanted to stick to just one color, you could simply use the same color you used all over you lid for this step.


 Experiment and Play

Playing around with new looks and experimenting with colorful mineral eyeshadow makeup is one of our favorite ways to experience the joy of makeup here at the Simple Beauty Blog.

After-all, the enjoying the fun and freedom that makeup gives you to create, play, and express yourself is what it’s all about!

And if you try something new and don’t love it? The best part can always just wash it off and start over!


 Misty Mineral Eyeshadow - Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow -
Misty Mineral Eyeshadow Blue Opal Mineral Eyeshadow


(Abby is wearing Rose Gold Mineral Rich Lipstick, Perfection Mineral Organic Lipgloss, and Champagne Ice Mineral Eyeshadow as a highlight on her cheeks)

Rose Gold Mineral Rich Lipstick - Perfection Mineral Organic Lipgloss - champagne ice mineral eyeshadow -
Rose Gold Mineral Rich Lipstick Perfection Mineral Organic Lipgloss Champagne Ice Mineral Eyeshadow


 Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram