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6 Ways To Wear Multi-Tasking Peach Mineral Eye Shadow

6 Ways To Wear Multi-Tasking Peach Mineral Eye Shadow

6 Ways To Wear Multi-Tasking Peach Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

Mineral Makeup is a multi-tasking powerhouse.

Some colors just lend themselves to being super heroes. Like this peach of a color, Peach.

Peach Mineral Eye Shadow is my hero.

I take it for granted that you know all the myriad of options there are with mineral makeup. So, I forget to share it with you. Share time! One pot of color - no dyes, pure mineral pigment, vegan, gluten free, synthetic free, and a crazy-mad variety of uses. I figure, with the popularity of BB and CC creams, we could invent the MM powder. All the multi-functionality of one product, in one little pot.


Ready? Let's Do This Peach Thing.

1. Running errands? A dusting of Peach with a fluffy eye shadow brush across the entire eye lid, right up to the brow, a bit of mascara,... call it done. Polished and ready to take on the grocery store.

2. Out to dinner with hubby? On a first date? A more concentrated flirtatious foil swipe on the lid, a bit of highlighter under the brow, add a third deeper color in the crease, line the lash line, mascara. Wow. Girlfriend, you are on it.

3. Try this - make your eyes POP with a wet line at the base of your eyelashes on your top lid.

4. Peach does cheeks too. Lovely.

5. Lips? Oh yes. Put a little gloss on, then dab your finger (or your lip brush) into the Peach pot and dab again on your lips. Nice shimmer and warm peachy glow. Try it just in the center of your bottom lips for a sexy pout.

6. Grab your clear polish and paint your nails with Peach.  Are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking? Peach belongs in your travel bag. Right? Ready for a few more multi-taskers? Let's see...oh. Never mind. There are too many to list. The truth is, every mineral eye shadow, with the exception of the blues and greens, can be your multiple-use best friend. Give it a try.

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