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8 Tips for Perfect Mascara Application

mascara application tips -

Easy action tips for better mascara application.

Tip 1. Never Fear The Lash Curler

Curling your lashes will have a huge impact on your look. 

In a good way. 

Your eyes will appear more open. You will look more awake

Tip 2. Curl Before Applying Mascara

Or you run the risk of pulling lashes out when the mascara sticks to the curler. 

Curling first, and following up with mascara allows the mascara to 'set' your curl.

Try This Tip

Heat up your lash curler with your blow dryer first, then curl. 

How To Curl Your Lashes

Begin at base of lashes - curl and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.

Move up your lashes and curl again - hold for 10 to 15 seconds.

 Tip 3. Wipe Off Extra Goop

Does your mascara wand come out clumpy and goopy?

Wipe the extra product from the mascara spooley back into the mascara tube before you apply a layer. 

Tip 4. Don't Pump

When you pump your mascara, air is pushed into the tube - drying out your mascara faster than necessary. 

Instead, twist it to get more product on the spooley. 

Tip 5. Customize Your Look

If your eyes are far apart - apply more mascara on the inside of your eyes. 

If you have close set eyes - apply more mascara on the outside of your eyes. 

Tip 6. Love On Your Lower Lashes

Don't forget your lower lashes!

Turn the wand vertical, and window wiper back and forth to apply product. 

Tip 7. Remove Fully At Night

If you neglect to remove your mascara completely, during the night extra product falls to your skin, potentially clogging pores, irritating your skin or causing infection.

Tip 8. Invest In A New Mascara Tube Regularly

Invest in your health.

Even if you only use mascara sporadically, you want to change tubes every 3 to 4 months to avoid eye infections or irritation. 

Mascara tubes are dark and moist - a breeding ground for bacteria. 

You don't want an eye infection. 

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