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Repair and Replenish Your Eye Area

repair skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes ages years quicker than the rest of your face. 

Your skin there is thinner and your eyes do a lot of work during the day.

Blinking. Showing emotion. Squinting.

Sleeping on our sides doesn't help much either. 

Why do my eyes age so much faster?

Your skin around your eyes just covers the hollow space of your eye socket with out a solid base.

The tissue beneath the eye area skin is hugely lacking in supporting elements such as fat and muscle. As a result of this, your skin around the eyes tends to cave in more.

And then, there is the genetic factor. 

However, more importantly, you can control your lifestyle choices which are another factor that age your eyes.

Too much stress, lack of sleep, and an unbalanced diet, and a cumulative impact of UVA and UVB rays are what you need to avoid, in order to brighten up your eye area.

Common Eye Area Issues

repair and replenish your eye area -

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Dark Circles
  • Puffiness
  • Ugh. You hear me?


Lines and Wrinkles

Moisture. You need to moisturize your eye area. 


Your skin cells learn to take in more moisture with consistent application.

Smart skin cells. 

Think grape to raison here.

Choose Well.

You want an eye creme with potent, concentrated actives to repair and replenish your eye area. 

Roseroot Extract and Peptides are two ingredients to watch for in a high quality eye care creme. 

Dark Circles 

Proper skincare methods can help when we are talking of darkness caused by an accumulation of UV rays, or poor lifestyle habits. 

Add gentle exfoliation to your eye care routine. 

Combine Radiance Reveal Leave On Exfoliant with Pure Bliss Eye Creme. 

A teeny, tiny bit. 

Apply Embellish Treatment Powder, which contains Kojic Acid and a good quality, highly stable Vitamin C Serum to the mix. 


For puffiness that is also caused by an accumulation of UV rays, or poor lifestyle habits, optimum skincare habits can be of help. 

Buckwheat reduces puffiness, and is found in our Pure Bliss Eye Creme. 

How a bout a massage with a cool roller to improve circulation? 

This will help with puffiness/fluid retention that is caused from too much salt, too much or not enough sleep.

3 in 1 wash away eye makeup remover -

General Skin-Around-The-Eyes Care Tips

Remove your eye makeup gently.


The more you manipulate your eye area, the more elastin breaks down. 

Sun Protection

Can you believe it? I'm saying it again. 

Sun Protection. Around your eye area. Yes. 

UV damage causes hyper-pigmentation (darkness) under the eyes.

Pat a mineral sunscreen around your eyes. 

Not a chemical sunscreen. Ouch. Eyes burn. 

Your mineral makeup primer, concealer and foundation are an extra sun protection bonus. 


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