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Beard On...! Men Love Our SkinCare Too!

Beard On...! Men Love Our SkinCare Too!

Easy. Effective. Done. When it comes to good skin, that's what men want - Skin Care that is blunt and to the point.

Simple Men’s skincare - beard care routine | Simple Beauty Minerals

Simple Men’s skincare. That’s not a phrase you hear a whole lot on the Simple Beauty Blog… which is why we realized this was a post that was long overdue. Soon after I started blogging, my husband, Jack, started asking about his skincare routine. Well, more like his lack of skin care routine… but he wanted that to change.

Beard Care Routine

And, more specifically, a beard-care routine! It goes like this: after seeing me writing on the blog he got curious about exactly what I was up to, and after I explained what the whole deal over here was, he wanted to know if there was any advice or a routine he could start using for his beard.


Underneath All That Beard

From what he tells me it’s pretty hard to get to the skin underneath all that beard (especially once it gets to a certain point), and it doesn’t help matters that his skin is already naturally pretty dry in that area. I’ve always known that he doesn’t like growing out his beard initially because his skin gets so irritated when it’s at the shorter stubbly length, but I never thought of fixing that with some good skin care tricks and habits… What can I say, he’s one smart cookie! And one dedicated cookie too (ha!), because after he chatted with Lisa about some possible skincare options for his dilemma, he not only stuck with those, but added in a full routine… toner and all!


"Tell Me What Works, and I'll Do It!"

I always tend to think of men as not caring much about their skin, or not wanting to be bothered with a full routine, but boy was I wrong! Now, he doesn’t like spending the hours I do on researching, sampling, and pampering my skin– but what he does like is a simple, trustworthy routine he can stick to each day. “Tell me what works, and I’ll do it” is his “skincare motto” he told me– and you’ve gotta love how blunt and to the point it is– really! And, well, that’s that’s exactly what he wants in his skincare routine: blunt and to the point.


Simple and Trustworthy Skin and Beard Care Tips

So, without further ado, here are his skincare/beard-care tips for men... “translated” for the blog, by me (heehee) ;)
  1. When you decide to start growing a beard, exfoliate your face with a gentle scrub every day while it’s short. Using a gentle scrub will help to not irritate the area any further, while also getting rid of dry or flaky skin– especially while the stubble is short/coming through. This is really important, and really helpful at those beginning stages where there is so much irritation.

We both recommend using the Jojoba Creme Scrub, and working it into the beard area well with lots of tiny circular motions so it really reaches the skin.

Simple Men’s skincare - beard care routine | Simple Beauty Minerals

Once your beard is longer, though, all bets are off when it comes to scrubs. “They seriously get stuck all over your beard...inside it, just everywhere…” he says. So, better to use a regular face wash that will rinse out easily rather than getting caught. (He is going to test out using the Clairisonic and see if that helps too, as soon as we can find mine somewhere in our moving boxes! I will update this post when we do–trust me, he won’t let me forget!)

  1. Stick to your routine. Jack washes his face every day in the shower before work, and again before bed. He is seriously more consistent and dedicated than me... ! He added in two of my favorites from the SBSkin lineup as well, because, as he put it, he wanted the “full treatment” (“no point in doing it if you’re not thorough” he elaborates– looks like I’ve got myself a skincare guru, folks! Who knew?!)

crisp cucumber toner + light olive oil lotion | Beard care routine | Simple Beauty Minerals

 He uses the Crisp Cucumber Toner, and then the Light Olive Oil Lotion all over (except, as he wants me to put in, you can’t really use the toner on the beard– but you can work a bit of the lotion into the skin underneath the beard. Put a small amount on the tips of your fingers, work it around your fingers a little so it’s in a thin layer, then place fingers at the root of your beard and work in with little circular massaging motions. He says he usually just does this on dry spots because it’s quite difficult to actually get this all over the skin that’s beneath the beard)

  1. Don’t be afraid! Jack recommends just jumping right in. And, he says, don’t be afraid of the “all the purple” which, he wants me to mention, he actually likes– “I may not be the best judge of that, I mean, I have like 12 purple shirts. Which I wear completely unironically.” says he. Ha!

But, even if purple isn’t as much of your thing, he says don’t worry because they don’t smell “all ladylike or anything”, and they are just as much for men’s skin as for anyone else’s. And, he’s right! They are totally gender neutral, and totally awesome! So, as he says, “that’s pretty much it. Just… do it.” As always, blunt and to the point? I think yes. ;)  

crisp cucumber toner + light olive oil lotion | Beard care routine | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Til next time! (and, Jack says to all the guys out there: “Beard on!”...!)


Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily married to all 6 ½ feet of her wonderful husband, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.  

Note From Lisa: Jack is right! Our skincare is fragrance free, toxin free and formulated well - meaning, they work! For all skin types, regardless of gender. 

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