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Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip

Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip

Nothing classier than a neutral (or nude) eye paired with a strong red lip.

And a girl can never have too many neutrals when it comes to mineral eyeshadows. They are oh-so versatile, easy to wear, easy to pair, and something about seeing them all lined up together side by side just makes our hearts flutter!

Nude Multi-Tasking Palette

Our In-The-Buff Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect combination of shimmery, metallic, and matte neutral shades that will let you create endless looks featuring these gorgeous “nude”/”naked” and neutral shades– from day to night, perfect for the office, the grocery store, date night, holiday parties, sleek and streamlined for travel (easily stash this palette into your makeup bag and rest easy knowing you have 5 gorgeous mineral pigments on hand that can double as not only eyeshadows but as blush, bronzer, and even lip colors!).

Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip | Simple Beauty Minerals

Needless to say this palette is a “fan favorite”, and beloved by Simple Beauty Gals everywhere!


It’s a wonderful choice for beauties who are newer to makeup and want something that can provide them with easy to apply and easily wearable looks, yet also a great option for more “seasoned” makeup lovers who appreciate the versatility of this palette, and the gorgeous spread of neutrals that are sure to become fast favorites in daily makeup routines and more glamorous special occasion looks alike! 

Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip | Simple Beauty Minerals

Shade Lineup

The shade lineup (from top to bottom) goes Whisper, Soft Touch, Optimist, Life of the Party, and Golden Glam. (Optimist and Life of the Party are both only available in this palette, while all other shades are sold separately as singles.)


The Look

For this look, I wanted to go with something simple and elegant, but with a little flare. As I was choosing my inspiration for this look I went with something that I would wear for family holiday photos, or something that I could wear attending a party, a wedding, or even a Thanksgiving get together. A little bit dressy, but not over the top– and easy enough for anyone to get right on the first go without a bunch of extra fuss or stress. With the holidays coming up soon, this would be a great look to come back to for inspiration when needed!

For this look, you will need:  



Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip | Simple Beauty Minerals

Lay the Foundation

I recommend applying your favorite mineral primer to a clean face (I used my Pure Primer), followed by your favorite mineral foundation– in my case, I chose the Sensy Rich foundation in Celina Nadine which I apply with my Flat Top Buffer & Bronzer Brush for my most flawless application. If you don’t already have a perfect mineral foundation match, you can find one here using our super quick & easy Foundation Finder. Next, I follow up with my Powder Buffer Brush loaded up with some Matte Finish Powder to lock in my foundation and give me a more cohesive, almost “airbrushed” look over top of my foundation. For more on how to apply Finish Powders, look here.


Now Onto the Eyes

1. Life of the Party as an all over base, using the Eye Shading Brush to pack it on all over my lid.

2. Come in with your Eye Shading Brush once again– but this time packed with Soft Touch, which I apply to the outer third of my lid.

Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip | Simple Beauty Minerals

(Top to bottom) Whisper, Soft Touch, Optimist, Life of the Party, Golden Glam

 3. Switching brushes, lightly blend out both colors using the Fluffy Eye Shading Brush, careful to not blend them together too vigorously– mainly focusing on creating a soft gradient and on softening the line between the shadows and the area surrounding my eye.

4. Come back in with your Eye Shading Brush, still loaded up with Soft Touch, and touch up the outer third again to make sure you still have enough color until it’s to your liking.

5. You can blend and re-apply as much as you need until you reach your desired look if you feel you need a little extra touching up.

6. Drag a little bit of Soft Touch under your lower lash line using the Fine Angle Brush, and dab a tiny bit of Optimist (one of my all-time favorite colors– if you have ever used this shade before, you know why!) into the inner corner of both your eyes using the pad of your ring finger for a more concentrated punch of color.

7. Feel free to blend this out to your liking, I just tend to favor a more concentrated highlight.  

8. Highlight just under the brow with Whisper, and lighten up near the inside of your nose.

9. Clean up any fall out from your eyeshadow application on your cheeks directly under your eyes, and move on to my finishing touches. I apply my Cocoa Rose blush using my Perfect Blush Brush– don’t know where to best apply blush to suit your face shape? Check out this super helpful post (video included!) here. Then, I go in with my Deep Earth Brow Powder and my Fine Angle Brush and lightly fill in my brows following my natural shape, and add a couple coats of Mascara to my lashes.

Almost Done

I add in a highlight on my cheekbones using my Powder Buffing Brush and Satin Finish Powder. This is a wonderful finishing touch for a makeup look that you will be wearing for photos because it will transfer beautifully on-camera, as well as a great way to tie together this whole look for any slightly dressier occasion or get together.

Bold Nude Eyes & A Red Lip | Simple Beauty Minerals

Go All Out

Going out for the evening? A swanky event? Highlight your cheekbones, and shoulders with a touch of Golden Glam or Satin Finish. Add Golden Glam to the center of your lids, and on the middle of your pout. Nice!

You can customize this look by pairing it with your favorite mineral lipstick or lip gloss– I went for the gorgeous classic red, Scarlet Mineral Lipstick, as the cherry on top of this classy, elegant mineral makeup look. You could also pair it with a nude like Nutmeg Mineral Lipstick for a more understated look, or a lip gloss, or lip crayon… the possibilities are endless!  


Abby | simplebeautyminerals.comAbby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram