Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best

October 23, 2018 4 min read

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best

From an array of gorgeous glow-creating highlighters, which one suits you best?

“Highlighters” or Highlighting Powders can seem like a complicated or “advanced” makeup concept at first glance– knowing exactly where you are supposed to apply them, how to apply them, and even what type of a highlighter to use…


Highlight with Ease

The good news is, highlighters don’t have to be confusing or difficult to use– with just a little basic know-how they can be a breeze to apply as a quick and easy finishing touch that will really amp up your glow and add a little extra “oomph” to your everyday makeup, your favorite full-on glammed out looks, and honestly just about everything in between!


Highlight Your Favorite Features

The basic idea behind highlighting powders is just the same as their namesake: think of a page marked up with of highlighted words and phrases– the bright, highlighted portions are undoubtedly what immediately jumps out at you and grab your attention letting you know right away what to focus on, and what is most important. Highlighting powders do the exact same thing for our faces (bear with me here!). Think of your favorite features, or areas of your face that you would like to accentuate and draw attention to such as your cheekbones, lips, eyes, nose… Depending on your own personal taste and preferences your answer will be unique to you, but the principal is the same! These are the areas you would want to focus on with your highlight.


Highlight Options

Of course, when it comes to highlight powder, have we gotoptionsfor you! We carry four gorgeous, shimmery, glowing highlight powders designed specifically for use on your face– however, you can always play around with other mineral makeup shades and get creative with your highlight if the mood strikes! Many of our mineral eyeshadows make a gorgeous highlight powders as well, and can be a great option especially in a pinch (perfect for multitasking while travelling!).


Meet Our 4 Highlighters

With all that said, we can’t wait to introduce you to our four signature Mineral Highlight Powders below! 

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best | Simple Beauty Minerals

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper Radiance Finish Powderis a soft, sheer, rosy, and radiant finish powder with a slight hint of pink to it for an overall dreamy and romantic finish. Once applied and blended out the hint of pink will not overpower any blush or bronzer, but simply add a super subtle rosy glow to your overall highlight– such a pretty finishing touch for a fresh faced or minimalistic look! You will love how easy it is to apply and blend into your everyday makeup look for a natural, glowing finish. This is a wonderful option for beginners because of how subtle it is upon first application, as well as the buildable intensity of the highlight it offers with added layers. In fact, wear Ballet Slipper all over your face with a light dusting using a big fluffy Powder Brush - instant youthful glow!

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best | Simple Beauty Minerals

 (Left to Right) Satin, Pixie Dust, Ballet Slipper, Glimmer Goddess

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust Radiance Finish Powderis another great option for a natural, easy, and radiant glow– just like ballet slipper, it is well suited for beginners because of the subtle, slightly warm tint that accompanies its shimmery highlight making it an easy addition to your favorite everyday makeup look without being too overbearing or intense all at once because of its super buildable coverage. Pixie Dust pairs easily with any number of makeup looks thanks to its soft warm tone which will melt beautifully into you skin when blended out, or give you a more intense pop of shimmer if applied in a more concentrated , layered manner. Pixie Dust is perfect for you if you have a warm toned complexion. 

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best | Simple Beauty Minerals

 (Left to Right) Satin, Pixie Dust, Ballet Slipper, Glimmer Goddess

Satin Finish

Satin Finish Powder is sure to be one of your favorites… with its positively dreamy, glowing, and (very) iridescent champagne finish it is a real showstopper. It can be dusted lightly all over for a gorgeous sparkly sheen, or concentrated on specific areas for a beautiful, bold highlight. Satin Finish Powder is perfect for strobing, and will give you the gorgeous shimmering highlight of your dreams– your cheekbones will thank you! This is your go-to for a glammed out look, although it can be worn beautifully more blended out and toned down as well.

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best | Simple Beauty Minerals

 (Top to Bottom) Glimmer Goddess, Ballet Slipper, Pixie Dust, Satin

Glimmer Goddess

Glimmer Goddess Mineral Bronzer– don’t let the name fool you– is a fabulous addition to any makeup kit/collection, or vanity. Not only can this be worn as a gorgeous bronzer (or blush!), but it is an absolutely gorgeous highlight as well for beauties with a deeper skin tone. The universal undertones in Glimmer Goddess make this a great option for all skin tones, however– whether you prefer this as a blush, bronzer, or highlight this incredible multi-tasking mineral powder will have you glimmering and glowing in no time flat! (A wonderful option for getting a sun-less bronzed glow on, too!)

Highlight Powder Compare - Which Highlight Suits You Best | Simple Beauty Minerals

 All in all, we think Lisa said it best:

“Special Effects Powders are the jewels in your makeup drawer: your diamonds, your rubies, and your pearls! They give you the extra glow and glam when you’re looking for it.”

They are our favorite way to add that little something extra– the perfect finishing touch. And, we just know you will love playing around with them and feeling a little extra special and a little extra shimmery, too!  

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her @abby.roe.photo on instagram

 Lisa's Notes: A little glow goes a long way - so choose one, and play around with it. Then expand with another one. You can't have too many jewels, can you? (I think not).

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