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Can Mature Women Wear Powder Foundation?

mature women wear powder foundation -

Have you wanted to wear mineral powder foundation because of all the great benefits to your skin?

A well formulated mineral foundation is breathable, offers an extremely natural feel, is virtually waterproof and is naturally sun protectant.

The Powder & Mature Skin Myth

BUT…’ve also that heard mature skins should avoid powder mineral makeup?

Or perhaps you had a bad experience with another brand powder mineral makeup.

Some say it settles in the lines of mature skin, or highlights imperfections you don’t want noticed, or it creates texture, and is cakey or chalky.

But I’m here to tell you it DOESN’T have to be that way!

These negative experiences are often due to the ingredient bismuth oxychloride (BO). BO (although you can’t smell this one!) can be the nasty culprit behind those negative experiences with powder mineral makeup.

Makeup manufacturers use it to bring a pearlescent sheen to powders. Yet, many women know that BO’s sheen often comes with itching and rashes as well! Yikes!

It’s not an ingredient you want on your beautiful skin. At Simple Beauty Minerals, we’ve heard what you DO want - clean, good-for-your-skin makeup that looks great and lasts - and our powder mineral foundation never contains BO.

Better Than Bare

And although every women is different; odds are, you will love what it brings to your skin - A smooth velvety, better than bare finish.

We love that and our customers love it too. You’ll hear from two of them in a moment.

Liquid Foundation In The House

But first I want to shout from the rooftops about our latest addition to our BO-free mineral foundation collection - our new Antioxidant Liquid Foundation.

No rascally BO, and HAS all the things that make mineral makeup the best makeup to keep your mature skin healthy, shiny and radiant. 

Because everyone is different, and you may prefer a powder foundation, but your bestie loves her liquid.

Now back to our real, beautiful customers with mature skin to hear what they have to say about Simple Beauty Minerals’ powder makeup.

Case Study 1  Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is a longtime customer of mine who used to wear liquid foundation. *But not anymore. Suzanne says "Simple Beauty Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation Makeup was a game changer."

A Game Changer

Suzanne is in her beautiful 50's. We talked over the phone recently. Perhaps you can relate to her story.
"I always had trouble with *liquid foundations - it sat upon my skin, and wouldn't blend in.  It just never looked quite right. Undereye concealers teneded to settle into my fine lines, and looked messy by mid-day. Same for concealers.  When I first tried the Perfect Cover Mineral foundation I felt rather naked. It felt weird. I was used to a layer of liquid makeup on my skin and I didn't feel that weight anymore. Instead, it felt light and natural. I was afraid it would settle in my lines. It did not. I was afraid it would look 'furry' and make the peach fuzz on my skin more pronounced. It did not. Instead, it went on smoothly and made me look more youthful. It blended well - the concealer really concealed and was seamless with the other products. The makeup stayed fresh all day. I didn't get the orange-ish subcolor I would often get with liquid makeup. I had orignally been concerend that usign mineral makeup would be too drying for my skin, and that hasn't been the case at all. My skin has never been consistaently healthy year-round until now. I do remember contacting you this winter, when my skin looked a bit too matte due to winter dryness in the air - you offreed several suggestions, and from those suggestiions I figured out what worked best for me. Your makeup made my oily skin look more matte and much less shiny, especially spring, summer, and fall. In the winter I felt I needed a touch of shine to look more fresh. Again...the customer service is outstanding, and the samples made it easy and cost-effective for me to experiemnt. I have to say, I really love this makeup - I wish I'd found it earlier! And the added sun protection is a bonus! I found SBM on Andrea Dekkers blog and I was drawn to the brand because of your Try Before You Buy sampling option. 
I could try the samples in the comfort of my own home and see how colors looked in daylight and indoor light. 
I was also attracted to the simplicity of Simple Beauty Minerals - trying to streamline instead of adding layers and complexity to my life. I totally loved that I could communicate with Lisa and get quick responses, there was always the opportunity to get assistance. Always customer service there, always. And I enjoy keeping up with SBM via Facebook as well; where I learn of new products and see photos of women of all ages wearing the makeup without any photo editing (with direct links to informative blog posts with tips on usage).   The business seems a well established, long running business, run by a women who turned her passion into a service, which gives me confidence. All in all, I believe my skin in more healthy as a direct result of using Simple Beauty Minerals makeup." Suzanne

Hello, Suzanne!

Suzanne is wearing Pure Bliss Eye Cream, Pure Primer, Cool 2 Perfect Cover Foundation, Catnap Color Corrector and Concealer with a touch of Bright Eyes Pink Corrector on a particularly stubborn dark undereye circle, a touch of Green Color Corrector on a pimple (bet you can't tell where it is!), Finish Powder and organic Lavender Lippy.

*We recently launched our new Antioxidant Liquid Foundation, which Suzanne has been enjoying for variety.


Case Study 2 Meet Linda

Linda is also a longtime customer of mine. Though I met her, when I became a customer of hers! Linda is a stylist for woman over 50, who want to be beautiful and stylish and she knows how to make it so! Linda is in her beautiful 60's. I asked her to share her experience wearing Simple Beauty Minerals Powder Foundation and she has this to say:

"I'm an Image Stylist, and have a good understanding of makeup colors and what makeup can do to bring out your facial features. But, I'm not an expert in makeup products, and I struggle with the same expensive mistakes as everyone else. So, when Lisa suggested I try her Perfect Cover Mineral Foundation, I was excited to try something new! I've always used liquid foundation and primer. Well, once I tried it, I found it so easy to apply, never cakes, gives my face good coverage, and provides sun protection, I was HOOKED. I use it almost every day, and I've never felt heavy or cakey. It becomes translucent as the day goes by. I feel radiant all day! I highly recommend this mineral foundation -- you will become a believer just like me."

 Linda! Good to see you here.

Simple Beauty Minerals – Beauty that actually improves your skin, instead of just covering up flaws.