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Simple Makeup Look for Both Young and Mature Beauties (with Video)

Simple Makeup Look for Both Young and Mature Beauties (with Video)


Play along as Abby and I put our makeup on - A simple makeup look for both young and mature beauties.

Using the same colors, we show you how we choose to apply them in our own way, to suit our own coloring, eye shapes and ages.


Keep dedicated eye makeup brushes for each light and dark eye shadow colors. To brighten the sometimes gaunt look under your eyes, dust a light layer of Peach Concealer Corrector or even your blush under your eyes. (Just a teeny, tiny bit).

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I said Abby has a deep complexion. What I meant to say is that she has a deeper LOOK, with more contrast in her coloring with her fair skin and deep hair (she can wear brighter, deeper colors beautifully). As opposed to my muted/ blended coloring which calls for softer, more muted clothing colors. 



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Cocoa Rose Cheek Color is mentioned as a warm color, though I consider it a universal color as it has a touch of rose to it thus working well on cooler skins as well. And don't miss the goofy outtake. 

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