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Crease-proof Eye Shadows

Crease-proof Eye Shadows


We all want creaseproof eye shadows, giving us eye makeup that stays put all day.

Recently, I received this question from a customer, via my inbox:

"How do we get crease-proof eye shadows? Are your eye shadows crease-proof?"


Simple Beauty Minerals eye makeup


I decided an easy answer was in order. Yes, Virginia. SBM eyeshadows  are naturally crease resistant By virtue of being pure mineral pigments, they are definitely crease resistant; with no added oils and the fabulous staying power of minerals. We don't need to add anything to our shadows to make them creaseproof, because minerals adhere so well to the skin, and our formula excels. Plus, they go on smoothly  with out  smudging. 

Oily Eyelids? Eyelids tend to be naturally oily, and if yours are no exception, you will want extra insurance against creasing. So easy to do!

Creaseproof Insurance And you don't have to purchase another special product either. Using one of the products you already have in your mineral makeup wardrobe will help to prime your eye lids. This technique will help:

  • your eye shadow to cling to your eyelid skin.
  • your eye shadow colors to stay true, and not change with the chemistry of your skin. 


Simple Beauty Minerals makeup


The Trick? Simply dust a layer of Mineral Concealer, Pure Primer  or your Mineral Powder Foundation across your eyelids. Then, take a skin tone eye shadow such as Sandstone or Soft Touch and brush it across your eye lids as well. They, apply your eye shadow colors of choice. You are good to go! 


Simple Beauty Minerals crease-proof mineral eyeshadow


Do you have a tip that helps your eye shadows stay on? Do tell!

Simple Beauty Minerals. 

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