Eye Makeup Brushes Simplified

July 15, 2020 2 min read

eye makeup brushes simplified

A guide to the essential eye makeup brushes - shapes, styles, and usage. 

For more details (and more fun!) watch the video tutorial below. 

The basics: There are 2 brushes you must have.

These are the perfect two brushes for beginners; as you can do so much with them. 

  • A flat domed eye shading brush
  • A fluffy blending brush

An eye shading brush is designed to 'lay it down' on the lid, brow bone, under eyes, and place into your crease.

You simply flip it different angles and press into the specific area you are working on. 

A fluffy blending brush blends and softens the shadows, giving you a more polished look. 

Then add:

  • A crease brush
  • A smudge brush
  • Liner brushes: angled, flat, pointed 
  • A blurring brush 


Keep dedicated/labeled brushes for light and dark shadows. 

All Simple Beauty Minerals brushes are synthetic, vegan and work fabulously for liquids, cremes and powders.


Too many brushes?

Create 3 Piles

  1. Brushes you never reach for. Ever. For whatever reason, you just don't love them.
  2. Brushes you reach for constantly. 
  3. Brushes you use hesitantly as you're not even sure what they do? 

Place pile 1 in a bag and put them away for a couple of months. Do you miss them? If not, give them away. 

Keep pile 2 at the ready. 

Place pile 3 close by and as you explore eye makeup techniques, you may realize you have that brush the tutorial is speaking about! Move to pile 2. 

SHOP The Brushes

EYESHADING BRUSH   |   simplebeautyminerals.com MINI FLUFF BRUSH   |   simplebeautyminerals.com FLUFFY ANGLED EYE SHADING BRUSH   |   simplebeautyminerals.com FINE ANGLE BRUSH   |   simplebeautyminerals.com FINE POINT EYELINER BRUSH  |  simplebeautyminerals.com CREASE & SMUDGE BRUSH  |  simplebeautyminerals.com
Eyeshading Brush Mini Fluff Brush Fluffy Eyeshading Brush Fine Angle Brush Fine Point Eyeliner Brush  Crease and Smudge Eyeshadow Brush


Get The Look

What I wore for the tutorial. 

WHISPER MINERAL EYESHADOW   |   simplebeautyminerals.com SIMPLE BASICS MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com SOFT TOUCH MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com NEW! ALMOND MINERAL EYESHADOW  | simplebeautyminerals.com POP OF PINK MINERAL LIPSTICK  |  simplebeautyminerals.com PERFECTION MINERAL ORGANIC LIPGLOSS   |   simplebeautyminerals.com SPICE CHEEK COLOR   |   simplebeautyminerals.com
Whisper Mineral Eyeshadow Simple Basics Mineral Eyeshadow Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow Almond Mineral Eyeshadow Pop of Pink Mineral Lipstick  Perfection Lip Gloss Spice Blush


For more eye makeup brush education, look here.  

For more, watch the video below. 


vip discussion group - simplebeautyminerals.com
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