5 Minute Essential Morning Skincare Routine

July 27, 2020 2 min read

5 minute morning routine simple beauty minerals

What is the difference between a morning skin care routine and an evening skin care routine? 

Evening skincare is to support our regenerative process while we sleep.  

Our morning skincare is to protect and preserve our skin during the day. 

In the morning, our goal is to lift away what has been brought to the surface overnight - sweat, dirt, oil, excess product, and then to further preserve and protect our skin during the day. 

And it should take no more than 5 minutes or less.

morning skincare routine simple beauty minerals

You're awake? Great, let's start.   

  • Cleanse

    Your cleanser of choice in the morning can be an oil cleanser, a lotion cleanser, a gel, a micellar based,  or a soothing mineral bar. 

    Or a gentle, creamy face scrub.

    Your choice - what wakes you up?

    What feels good in the morning?

    There is no makeup so it’s an easy wash. 

    Pat dry with a soft washcloth. 

    •  Revive with a Facial Mist or Toner

    My favorite method in the morning is a facial mist but either way, add additional beneficials such as soothing cucumber hydrasol and black willowbank (for brightening) with Crisp Cucumber Toner or rose, willow bark and chamomile for skin smoothing, soothing and antioxidant support with Revive Facial Mist - Mist and press the goodness into your skin. 

    5 minute morning skincare routine simple beauty minerals

    • Antioxidant Support
      Vitamin C Serum and / or Resveratrol Peptide Serum (I layer them both) to help support your sunscreen actives and to boost what your body uses to keep free radicals at bay during the day. 
      Then add any correcting serums of your choice, such as a brightener or acne assist - Or you may use these in the evening.
      • Hydrate/Moisture
        If your sunscreen does not provide enough moisture for your skin, then add your moisturizer here. 
        Eye creme goes next (don't forget to add it to your upper lip).
        Slick on lip balm. 
        Apply your lash or brow serum if you use twice a day. 
        • Sun Protection

          The star of our show.

          Apply a quarter size amount for face, same amount again for your neck and decollate. 

          Let it all dry down.

          Go get coffee. 

          Make your bed.

          Play with your kids.

          morning skin care routine simple beauty minerals

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