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Face Brush Dictionary (with video)

Makeup Face Brushes -

Foundation brushes and face brushes - A guide to all of our makeup brushes– face edition!

Find how to use each brush, what it’s for, and a reference to some of our past posts dedicated to specific brushes. (or bookmark this page and refer back to it as needed while you are learning the ropes of mineral makeup application and which tools to use for different situations!). All of our brushes are high-quality and designed to last; No need to worry about bristles falling out all over the place. They are vegan– no supporting animal cruelty here.  Simply relax and enjoy these fabulous brushes!


For Mineral Foundations

Simple Beauty Minerals - Ultimate Kabuki Brush and the Flat Top Buffer Brush

Simple Beauty Minerals - Foundation Airbrush

The Two Basics For Foundation Application

The Ultimate Kabuki Brush and the Flat Top Buffer Brush are two of our most popular classic choices for applying loose mineral foundation. We asked you to vote on our Instagram story (@simplebeautyminerals) last week for your favorite and it came out almost tied– and some of you commented that you love them each so much that you use both in one sitting (yep, so do we…!).

The Flat Top Buffer Brush also doubles as a bronzer brush– however, you may want to keep two separate brushes if you like to use if for bronzing as well (one for use with foundation, and one for use with bronzer) so your products don't mix during application between brush cleanings! Both of these brushes are used to seamlessly buff mineral foundation into the skin in little circular motions– check out this video for a demo on exactly what we’re talking about here!

Recommended Uses

Use Ultimate Kabuki for Perfect Cover Foundation & Ultra Light Foundations and Primers. Use Flat Top Buffer Brush for Sensy Rich Foundation and Bronzing.

We Love Variety Too! Our New Foundation Airbrush is quickly becoming a favorite! This can be used for both loose powder foundation and liquid foundation formulas. Another option? The Perfect Blush Brush. See below...

Past Post Read Wondering which brush is right for you and your foundation? Check out this blog post on just that!


For That Finishing Touch

Simple Beauty Minerals - Powder Buffer Brush

 Our Powder Buffer Brush is a wonderful choice for any of our mineral finish powders (applied on top of your foundation for a beautiful, almost airbrushed finish & more staying power) AND for our mineral primers. You could even use it to apply your highlight powder! If you use the Powder Buffer Brush to apply your primer (or a mineral treatment powder) it is best to keep one separate Powder Buffer Brush dedicated just to your primer so it doesn’t get other products mixed in by mistake.


For Blush

Simple Beauty Minerals - Perfect Blush Brush

 The Perfect Blush Brush truly lives up to its name and it is a dream when it comes to applying mineral blush (or any blush for that matter– this would work beautifully in any blush scenario, it’s just that good!). One of the best things about the Perfect Blush Brush is that it distributes product so evenly and really allows you to blend out your blush exactly how you want. It gives an amazing amount of control, and it is so soft and smooth that you will adore each application of blush! Some Simple Beauty Gals love this brush so much they keep an extra one for applying their foundation, too, as it actually has the same head, though a bit smaller, that the Ultimate Kabuki has. 


For Concealer

Simple Beauty Minerals - Perfect Concealer Brush

 Our Perfect Concealer Brush makes applying loose mineral concealer a breeze. if you prefer creamy mineral concealer– this brush does it all! The shape and density of this fab little brush makes it perfectly suited for pressing and blending concealer while reaching all around the under eye area with precision and ease!

How To Care For Your Brushes Here. This is definitely a must-have in any brush collection!

And if you prefer a visual demonstration (+ is sun addicting?)




Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks HERE.

Notes From Lisa: With a selection of 4 foundation brushes (Ultimate Kabuki, Flat Top Kabuki, Foundation Airbrush and even the Perfect Blush Brush) to choose from, you can find your favorite for sure.

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