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Get The Look - Alison; A Warm & Deep-Muted Beauty

Get The Look - Alison; A Warm & Deep-Muted Beauty

Are you a warm, deep-muted beauty?  

Is your skin undertone warm? 

Can you wear deep, more muted colors brilliantly?  

These are clues that you may also be a warm, deep-muted beauty. 

Foundational Products 

Though Alison has naturally light blonde hair, and light eyes, when draping her with fabric, she lit up with the warmer, still deep, yet muted colors. 

As the depth of her skin tone is fair, with a peachy tone to it, she wears Perfect Cover Mineral Foundation in Neutral 1 beautifully. Odds are she could also wear Warm 1 really well. 

She also enjoys the Antioxidant Liquid Foundation in the same shade. 

She is also wearing Pure Primer,  Fair Concealer and Color Corrector along with Bright Eyes Pink Concealer and Color Corrector, to both conceal and brighten under her eyes. 

Get The Look

Pure Primer - Simple Beauty Minerals Fair Concealer - Simple Beauty Minerals Bright Eyes Pink Concealer - Simple Beauty Minerals
Pure Primer Fair Concealer

 Bright Eyes Pink Concealer


Turquoise and bright blues are Alison's friends 

 Alison is a Soft Autumn

Determining Her Best Makeup Colors

Alison was tricky to assess, because she presents as a possible cool, but draping was the key. Just look at her shine in these warm, deep colors. 

Her eyes are a soft and muted shade of blue. 

There is little contrast between the color of her hair, eyes, and skin.

She has an overall look that is rich, deep and muted.

Once I saw this, it was easy to choose her best makeup colors. 

Get The Look


champagne ice mineral eyeshadow - simple beauty minerals simple basics eyeshadow - simple beauty minerals iris mineral eyeshadow - simple beauty minerals sandstone mineral eyeshadow - simple beauty minerals
Champagne Ice Simple Basics




Smokey Plum Eyeliner - simple beauty minerals black magic mascara - simple beauty minerals middle earth brow powder - simple beauty minerals
Smokey Plum Eyeliner Black Magic Mascara

Middle Earth for brows 


autumn makeup eyeshadow -


 apricot babe cheek color - simple beauty minerals
Apricot Babe Cheek Color



Cranberry Cobbler Lip Crayon - simple beauty minerals mauvelous lipgloss - simple beauty minerals
 Cranberry Cobbler Lip Crayon Mauvelous Gloss



 alison necklace - agate and jade - simple beauty minerals
The Alison Necklace 

How About Nails

color street real nail polish


Color Street's Silicon Valley would be a perfect match - but there are so many to choose from!

Choose your real nail polish strip color.