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Wear It All Year Long

Wear It All Year Long

Fact: 80+ percent of premature external aging is due to cumulative sun damage. 

And there is no question most skin cancers are related to sun exposure.

Yet, skin cancer rates continue to climb.  

Do you know your sunscreen? 

There are two types of sunscreens

1. physical pigment-based UVA/UVA blockers

2. chemically based UVA/UVB blockers. 

You could consider a third, which is avoidance of the sun during the heat of the day, and when in the sun, wearing wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and fabrics with sun protection. 

In fact the experts are encouraging us to do just this. 

Physical (Mineral) Sunscreens

These two minerals are titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

Titanium dioxide sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s a very safe, non-toxic mineral.

Unless you’re breathing it in, in large quantities, such as if you worked in a furniture or paint manufacturing facility, without proper ventilation and protection against dust particles.  

Zinc oxide is a wonderful pigment not only for its UVA and UVB absorption properties, but also for its anti-inflammatory properties. So soothing. 

Think diaper rash cremes. Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient to heal up baby's bum.

Sun Protection Makeup

sunscreen makeup -

SBM uses titanium dioxide to provide coverage and to lighten up the colors in the blends of pigments used to create the foundation color line.

The lighter the shades are, the more titanium dioxide and zinc oxide is present in the formula.

This means that the lighter shades have as much as 50% of these white, light-scattering pigments, while the darker shades may only have 10% of these pigments.

So, unintentionally, SBM’s foundations gradually increase in UVA/UVB protective pigments with each successively lighter foundation shade.

This is ideal in scope for the variety of complexions our customers have, as the lighter someone’s skin tone is, the less skin protectant melanin, the higher their sunscreen content should be.

Sunscreen SPF Claims

In terms of making claims about the SPF number of SBM's Loose Mineral Foundations, I am unable to do so. (I will loosely say that full coverage, you will have about an SPF of 15.)

We have not gone through any formal testing (it's very costly), and have not been approved by the FDA to make claims as to the sunscreen properties of our foundations.

That being said, we have found over the years, that with proper application, our foundations serve as excellent partners in your arsenal of year daily protection.

Extra sun protection boost - Foundation with sunscreen

Simple Beauty Minerals foundation formulas naturally contain high amounts of mineral pigments which happen to be strong UVB/UVA blockers.

Underneath Your Foundation - Your Sunscreen

I strongly recommend wearing a daily broad spectrum sunscreen lotion underneath your makeup, all year long. 

Every day. 

Inside or out (the sun's rays go right through windows) 

To protect against premature signs of aging and cancer.

This is no joke. 

Sunscreen Recommendations

sunscreen -

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