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Get The Look - Makena; A Warm Bright Beauty

get the look warm and bright -

Are you a warm, bright beauty?

Do you have a warmth to your look? 

Are your eyes bright blue or green? 

These are clues that you may also be a warm, bright beauty.

This look is for you. 

Foundational Products 

Even though Makena has pink tones to the surface of her skin, her undertone is warm, and her ginger hair is telling. 

Her porcelain skin has an abundance of freckles, and the depth of her skin tone is fair-medium.

She wears Perfect Cover Mineral Foundation in Warm 2 beautifully. 

She is also wearing Catnap Concealer and Color Corrector along with Bright Eyes Pink Concealer and Color Corrector, to both conceal and brighten under her eyes. 

Get The Look

warm 2 perfect cover mineral foundation - catnap conceal mineral - bright eyes pink mineral concealer -
 Warm 2 Perfect Cover Foundation Catnap Conceal Bright Eyes Pink Conceal



behind the scenes photo shoot -

Makena preparing for her makeover. 

warm spring makeup palette

Determining Her Best Makeup Colors

behind the scenes color analysis -

Because of her warm overall look, her strawberry blonde hair, her brows and lashes that are in a reddish tone, and her bright blue-green eyes (you see her eyes before you see anything else), I draped her in bright shades that lean toward warm to confirm my guess. 

Doesn't she just POP in these colors? 

Makena is a Warm Spring, with an overall look that is golden and bright. 

This then, made it easy to choose the perfect selection of colors. 

Get The Look


 glitz mineral eyeshadow - eggplant mineral eyeshadow - sterling silver mineral powder liner - middle earth mineral brow powder -
Glitz Eggplant Sterling Silver Liner Sterling Silver Liner


Cheeks and Bronzer

 natural glow mineral bronzer -
Natural Glow Cheek Color & Bronzer



 glazed caramel two in one cream crayon -
Glazed Caramel Two in One Cream Crayon



Caribbean coral color street real nail polish strips -

How about Nails

Color Street's Caribbean Coral would be a perfect match - but there are so many to choose from!

Choose your real nail polish strip color.  

The Necklace

SHOP The Makena Necklace