5 Easy Steps To Smokin' Eyes (With Video)

July 09, 2019 2 min read

5 easy steps to smokin eyes - simplebeautyminerals.com

Mineral Makeup Tutorial: The Simple Smoky Eye 

There are many ways to achieve the smoky eye look; some being more complicated than others.

The look we will work with here is simple to create, doable, and can be worn well by women of all ages, as we go about our day to day business looking simply smashing.

For starters, go ahead and dust your mineral foundation or mineral concealer over your eyelids as a base to prevent sticking; creating a smooth palate.

Now add a base of shimmer with Champagne,  PashminaBliss or Glitz. You will also need:

Tip: The smoky eye can be created using purples, blues, or greens, not just neutral grays, blacks and browns.

For this tutorial, we will stay with the traditional blacks and grays.

Get The Look 

1. Line your eye with your soft Black Ebony pencil, thicker along upper lashes, and thicker still in the middle of the eye.

No need to be precise here, get messy with it. Then smudge with brush or your finger, working pencil into the lash line.  

2. Work your darkest color, Soft Black over the Black Ebony eye pencil,  smudging and pressing the powder into the base of the lashes and pencil line, using the Eyeshadow brush. 

No need to be neat or precise here either. 

3. Using your mid tone gray (Soft Black mixed with Whisper,or Stone), apply this on top of the Soft Black just applied to your eyelid, pressing the color into the lid, and almost into the crease.

Use your eyeshadow brush again for this step. (In between shadow color changes, wipe your brush on a towel that you have set out on the counter in order to keep your shadow colors true).

 Tip: You can get different looks with same color by using different brushes; experiment . 

4. Take your light to medium gray (Soft Black mixed with a bit more Whisper orFrosted Cement) and window wiper it into your crease, using your crease brush.

Now is the time to finish off the details, no more messiness.

Blend, blend, blend it all together. 

5. Finally, take Whisper and highlight under your brow, to open up your eyes and make your eyes sparkle!

Tip:Whisper is a magic color that everyone can use.

Under the brows, and around the inside corner of the eye for instant glow. 

 Get The Look

soft black mineral powder eye liner - simplebeautyminerals.com whisper mineral eyeshadow - simplebeautyminerals.com frosted cement mineral eyeshadow - simplebeautyminerals.com stone mineral eyeshadow - simplebeautyminerals.com

Soft BlackMineral Liner 

WhisperMineral Eyeshadow

Frosted Cement Mineral Eyeshadow

Stone Mineral Eyeshadow